Santa Clara Petitions You Can Sign: Posh Bagel, Wilcox High Football Controversy, Kylli Mega Development

By Robert Haugh

Two weeks ago, we wrote about Rivermark’s Posh Bagel and their petition on This family-run business is trying to keep its lease. At the time of our story, they had about 1,500 signers. Now, they have almost 5,000. Wow.  You can sign here.

There are some other interesting petitions in Santa Clara we noticed. 

Wilcox High

Then days ago, a controversial incident happened involving the Wilcox High School football team and cheerleading squad. Some members of the football team allegedly taunted a freshman male cheerleader with homophobic chants.  

The Santa Clara Unified School District investigated the incident. A few days ago, they took disciplinary action but won’t say what it is. They say they can’t release names of minors. But some people are criticizing the administration saying they should be more transparent without releasing any names.

A petition was started a week ago to push the investigation and it’s still active. It has almost 11,000 signatures as of yesterday. Looks like the petition is drawing some national interest.

Kylli Mega Development

The Kylli mega development has a petition that wants to restrict its height. Jason Feinsmith, a Santa Claran, started it.  He wants the City to limit the building height to 170 feet.  His petition looks like one he started with a Google form.  Feinsmith says that will still allow 15-story buildings. That’s about the same size as the 14-story Hyatt, Santa Clara’s tallest building.  It also means a lot of development in a congested area. 

But Kylli wants to build much higher. Their initial plan was 35-60 stories. Double Wow.  And according to City Hall staff, they’ve only reduced the height of one or two of their tallest buildings. 

But they may have to really shorten their building heights.  Recently, the developer learned that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) says they could interfere with air traffic.  And building heights will have to be limited to six stories.  A source familiar with the project tells us Kylli hasn’t given up on getting approval for the higher buildings, even if they can’t build them.

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