Fact Checking Measure C — Council Districts, Appellate Court Ruling, 49ers Dark Money

By Robert Haugh

We’ve heard a lot of misinformation and debate about Measure C — the initiative to create Council districts in Santa Clara.

So, here are a couple clarifications we got from City Attorney Brian Doyle and City Clerk Hosam Haggag.

Does Measure C maintain six council districts and six council members, through 2020?


Does Measure C shrink the number of council districts from six to three?

If Measure C is adopted, the Santa Clara Charter will require a six district election in 2020; and in 2022 and thereafter elections by three districts.

Can the City Council just adopt six districts without a vote of the people?


What happens if Measure C is defeated?

If Measure C does not pass, the language of the Charter will remain the same (with elections at large by numbered seats). How elections will actually be held will depend on the ruling of the State Appellate Court.

Are the 49ers being investigated for violating the Dark Money Ordinance related to Measure C?

An official referral with all supporting evidence has been made to the FPPC for violations of the Political Reform Act. The City is working in parallel to pursue Dark Money ordinance violations.


  1. This is not clear information… this is misinformation.

    It’s clearly stated in judges remedy that “At-large elections” are GONE in Santa Clara besides city clerk, mayor and police chief. It is a standing order. It does not expire.

    It is getting really obvious how much this page is pushing Yes on C, it is very very bias. It has been same news story all week here…. how bad No on C is and how bad Niners are. We get it. But this is favoritism you need to have two sides of a story, more opposition even maybe a letter on why to vote No. It is fair and transparent journalism.

    29 other charter cities have changed to districts by ordinance. The court order changes our charter just like an amendment or a supreme court ruling changes the constitution of law of the land. It can adopt without vote of the people similar to how the council ordinance for the removal of the roles and responsibilities of city clerk including a stipend salary. It’s the same with removing Architectural Review. The judges orders are greater than an election.
    If the supreme court or congress passes a law we don’t ask citizens if it’s ok to change that law. It is the law. Santa Clara is not above the law.

    Now pause for effect and personal attacks

    Already first comment is blame niners. SOOOOO 2016

  2. Thanks Robert for the clear information on Measure C. The niners are flooding Santa Clara with their BS misinformation.

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