Sec of State Padilla Shares 49ers’ Political Consultants, Has Ethics Baggage, and Tells Santa Clarans How to Vote

By Robert Haugh

Secretary of State Alex Padilla came to town to weigh in on Measure C.

At the offices of the Council on American Islamic Relations he told Santa Clarans to vote no.

It’s interesting that Padilla would weigh in a local issue in Santa Clara. He never has before.

Padilla represented Los Angeles on the City Council and in the State Senate before winning his statewide office.

We called some people in Sacramento to find out the scoop. We learned that Padilla has the same political consultants as the 49ers. That would be SCN Strategies and their lead consultant Ace Smith.

The 49ers recently hired Smith in addition to their longtime lobbyist Ed McGovern.

Smith is known for aggressive campaign tactics a couple people in Sacramento told us.

Here’s what Christopher Cadelago wrote in the Sacramento Bee in 2017:

Politically, Padilla’s rise as an outspoken Trump critic follows him signing SCN Strategies as chief political consultants. 

SCN is trying to raise Padilla’s profile for another statewide run our sources say. The connection to a 49ers cause may help him raise some money later. Padilla doesn’t really know the Santa Clara issue. He read from a prepared statement at the press conference.

“Before SCN, Padilla was milquetoast. He’s better, but still kinda boring,” said one Sacramento source. “Plus he’s got a little baggage from the past.”

CA Secretary of the State Alex Padilla
CA Secretary of the State Alex Padilla

Padilla’s Ethics Baggage

In a 1999 city race, Padilla overspent his limit by $54,000. Wow. Three years later, he received the largest Los Angeles ethics fine against an elected official in the city’s history.

In 2009, Padilla was fined again by the Los Angeles Ethics Commission for an independent expenditure committee he controlled. Padilla was trying to help the 2005 mayoral bid of Antonio Villaraigosa. But he didn’t report stuff in time as required by local elections law.

Hmmm. That sounds familiar.





  1. A Becker / Patty, First I was a racist, and now I’m a bully. How am I a bully because I have a different point of view? Sorry you had so much trama in your life, perhaps it doesn’t make you fit for office. It certainly hasn’t made you stronger.

    No the mayor has not paid me and as a matter of fact we donated her campaign. This is what happens when we make something of ourselves and you can stand up on your own two feet. God forbid the day I would need your help. I don’t need the government or Patty to help me with any aspect of my life.

    AB 2020 0/3
    AB 2022 0/4

    JBF I was appointed by the mayor and I appreciate her supporting my vote with her vote. Unlike Raj who didn’t elect a minority or respect his appointee’s vote and voted against them.
    Yes on C!

  2. call me stupid once, call me stupid twice, but I’m not putting my vote on anything the Niners put money into I don’t care if it sounds like a good idea. Niners money has a price; anyone with connections, or inner endorsements are not getting my vote. I’m done with them they need to be playing ball and not politics. or better still send them to SF if they loved our city and cared so much they would have been called the Santa Clara Niners.

  3. Patty, I love your responses. You really can’t dumb yourself down enough to sound like Becker. I can imagine it is difficult.

    The real Red Flag is the way you Patty, sold the city out to the niners years ago. I thought Kolstad was bad. What a great legacy, I’m sure you dad would be proud of you.


    • Richard you and your crew are nothing but bullies afraid of change racist at heart and probably homophobic. You spout these things off without no proof
      I don’t need Patty to do my battles , I battle my own because I am my own man. I am gay I been bullied all my life and pushed around. You are no different than all of those bullies. No that you degrading people shows how low you and the rest can get.
      How much is Gillmor paying you all ? What is the deal?

      One day you will need me when those snakes you hang with turn on you

    • What a vision. Look up Don Quixote in the dictionery and you’ll see a picture of Anthony Becker. Insert eye roll….

  4. Becker even if the niners throw money at your campaign in November, they won’t be able to make up your deficit.

    You are always whinnying you are a poor starving millennial going up against big money like developers. I guess you can’t see the irony. Not surprised.

    • Richard Bonito you are nothing but a bully focused on others backgrounds. I would love to see you grow up and establish yourself in todays Santa Clara and today’s environment to see how hard it is. Your comments are classist and elitist.
      What I find is that you use 49ers all the time as your deflecting mechanism. To me it sounds like NDS-Niners Derangement Syndrome that many suffer from. Remember those you are defending brought it here, blame them for the miscues.
      I won’t take money from the Niners, what don’t you understand. All of your statements are false with no proof. I ask you and others to provide the proof of your claims.
      There is none…. because i am honest and transparent and while this blog yourself and council majority are a bunch of bullies that are focused on insults, derogatory remarks and racial bias.
      History will show that you are on the wrong side of history.
      Going after a Secretary of State and other civil rights groups for supporting a measure that is toxic to democracy proves the dark and sinister intentions of those pushing YES on C including this blog Santa Clara News.
      What I have noticed is you say anything that you are voting NO ON C you are automatically chastised and called a niner sympathizer. What kind of propagandists are you ? I have seen you Mr. Bonito constantly attack people on Nextdoor for saying they are voting no and automatically you bring up 49ers and run the person down. None of them are spreading misinformation like you or many on this blog do.
      I have not degraded you nor anyone on council. No personal attacks on character. I am critical of action on government matters. But what i noticed that Santa Clara News, council majority, city attorney, Richard Bonito or any of the YES ON C players will insult you because you have a difference of opinion.
      This is a real red flag for anyone.
      As much as you attack me Mr. Bonito, Santa Clara News, or Council Majority…… I will still work for you and prove to you I am better than you think I am that I am the will of the people, and not in the pocket of anyone.

      Once again I ask all of you to prove your claims including you Richard.

      Next article i will see is how if Santa Clarans vote No on C that all Santa Clarans are taking money from the 49ers.

      Hypocrisy, kleptocracy, and cronyism live in action.

    • Can anyone confirm that Richard Bonino, a member of the problematic Charter Review Committee, 1) was appointed by Mayor Gilmor?, 2) is a Trump supporter?, 3) was one of the five all white votes in favor of Measure C?
      If anyone knows the answers to these three questions please post ASAP.
      Vote No on C.

    • Bryon
      He was appointed at large so that was Mayor Gillmor’s appointment no surprise there.
      Secondly sounds like trump supporter

      Yes he was 1 of the 5 votes


      Those that voted on the right side of history


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