Santa Clara Resident Jacklyn Ye Receives Housing Authority Award

By Robert Haugh

Earlier this month, Jacklyn Ye received the 2020 Rockstar Rookie Award from the Santa Clara County Housing Authority. The award is given to a new landlord who leases to Section 8 residents, low-income individuals who receive federal housing assistance.

There’s an interesting story on how Ye got involved in the program. Ye discovered a woman lying in front of her San Jose property and decided to help. Ye connected her to the nonprofit Abode Services and the Housing Authority. Ultimately, Ye became the woman’s new landlord.

Two years later, Ye’s new tenant got a job and she’s supporting herself and living independently. “I’m so happy for her and pleased that I could help her through this really hard period in her life,” said Ye. 

Since then, Ye has rented a second home to a family in the Section 8 program. “You can still charge market-rate rents,” she said. “That’s what everyone wants to know.”

Jacklyn Ye receives her award from Housing Authority Executive Director Katherine Harasz

Ye is a private landlord and has been a property manager for more than 20 years. But until a few years ago, she had no experience with the Section 8 program. She wants to share her experience with those who have questions about Section 8 housing vouchers.

“Your tenant is responsible for paying their portion of the rent on time, for damage to the unit and for complying with Section 8 program rules,” Ye said.  “So the program protects landlords too.”

Ye says the Housing Authority contractual process doesn’t take long. “They were very patient with me, guiding me through the steps.” 

Landlords like Ye receive a $2,500 bonus for her first Section 8 lease-up. Ye used it to pay for a new cooktop range and to upgrade her rental unit’s electrical outlets.

“I encourage landlords to participate in the Section 8 program,” Ye said. “The community needs you.”


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