City Council preview: Lots of Items Including Change to Campaign Expenditure Limits

By Robert Haugh

Here’s what’s on tap for tomorrow’s Council meeting:

  • Verbal Report from the City Manager regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Review of the Proposed FY 2020/21 & FY 2021/22 Biennial Capital Improvement Program Budget and FY 2020/21 Operating Budget Changes
  • Update on Proposed Changes to the City’s Transportation Analysis Methodology
  • Action on an Ordinance Amending the Compensation for the City Clerk
  • Action on Agreement with Singer Associates, Inc. for Communications Consulting Services
  • Public Hearing: Public Comment on the Final version of the 2020-2025 Consolidated Action Plan and the final version of the 2020-2021 Annual Action Plan for U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Funds
  • Action on Resolution Establishing the Political Campaign Voluntary Expenditure Limit and Campaign Contribution Limit for the November 3, 2020 Municipal Election
  • Action on the Santa Clara Stadium Authority Financial Status Report for Quarter Ending December 31, 2019
  • Informational Report on Levi’s Stadium Activities During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Board Consideration and Possible Action on the Stadium Manager’s (49ers) Proposal to Add Stadium Builders Licenses (SBLs) to Field Seating in the North and South End Zones of Levi’s Stadium


  1. As for campaign spending

    I do like that we reducing the ceiling for district elections but does that mean developers and others will push larger independent expenditures? we shall see

    I love how Karen Hardy and Raj Chahal won their elections in 2018 on limited budgets and no special interests.
    I think this year we will see more of these fiscally conservative campaign budgets during COVID. I also feel many Santa Clarans wont be opening their wallets as much as they used too with the current uncertain economic climate. I feel cheaper grassroots campaigns are more in touch with the people than those of the money machines.

  2. Thank you for working to limit campaign spending.
    I’m still so confused how the 49ers could justify spending that much money ($600K++) on any local measure and in the same breath tell the Mayor, City Council and ultimately the residents of Santa Clara that they might only make that much money all year while hosting the non NFL events?
    As far as I could tell, the SC voters who were in support for Measure C were outspent by roughly $600K++
    Burt Field

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