Convention Center No Longer Being Used as a Medical Facility for COVID-19 Patients

By Robert Haugh

It looks like the Santa Clara Convention Center won’t be needed for COVID-19 patients any longer.

It was set up as a Federal Medical Station (FMS) for the past month. From April 5-28, 2020, only a total of 20 patients were treated at the Convention Center FMS.

The big surge of COVID-19 patients didn’t happen. County officials say that’s because the shelter-in-place orders were effective.

Now the Convention Center is undergoing a deep cleaning.

The State and the County of Santa Clara made the decision to close the FMS.

The City has not yet announced when the Convention Center will return to normal operations.


  1. County officials don’t know that lockup prevents spread of the virus because they didn’t check the path of not doing lockup… Another non- scientific conclusion that would never be allowed to be published in a peer reviewed journal where real science is discussed. They also don’t update their prior assumptions by means of available empirical data from other countries which are ahead of us in the time line. This is probabilistic thinking (Bayes) which they don’t seem to know exits.

  2. Yes, sacrificing the economy worked.
    Or was it like human sacrifices to avoid a cataclysmic event in ancient times?
    When the event didn’t happen it was proof the human sacrifice worked.

  3. Not using the convention center for a Federal Medical Station is a blessing. Like stated above it proves the sheltering in place helped immensely.

    Now hopefully the recovery can begin and get our community back to normal

    #StaySantaClaraStrong #BeatCOVID #MissionCity #WeLoveSantaClara

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