County Relaxes Some Shelter In Place Rules, Outdoor Dining, Summer Camps, and Other Activities Will be Allowed

By Robert Haugh

Starting this Friday, June 5, Santa Clara County residents will be able to do more under new shelter in place regulations.

Restaurants will be able to set up outdoor dining. Retail stores will be allowed to open with social distancing protocols and safety requirements.

All children can now take part in childcare, summer camps, summer school or other educational and recreational programs. But groups are limited to 12 or fewer.

Religious services and cultural ceremonies are allowed outdoors and limited to 25 people.

Swimming and other outdoor recreational activities that do not involve physical contact are permitted. 

Car-based gatherings at places like drive-in theaters are now allowed. 

Residents are still encouraged to limit travel to essential activities, wear masks and maintain good hygiene.

More info is available at the County Public Health website.

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