Santa Clara Declares State of Emergency Because of Protests in San Jose, 8:30 pm to 5 am Curfew Established in Both Cities

By Robert Haugh

Yesterday, Santa Clara declared a state of emergency and established an 8:30 p.m. to 5:30 a.m. curfew that started on Sunday, May 31. It was in response to protests in San Jose this weekend that were mostly peaceful. But there were a few incidents of looting and rioting that causes some injuries.

The demonstrations were to protest the tragic death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 25.

The Santa Clara curfew is in effect until further notice. City Manager Deanna Santana acting in her role as the Director of Emergency Services has declared the state of emergency for Santa Clara. The City Council must ratify it within 7 days.

San Jose announced a similar curfew that will last 7 days.

According to the police department press release, “Santa Clara and San Jose have shared city borders where both Westfield Valley Fair and Santana Row shopping districts are located and have been identified as locations of potential interest for protests and raids. At this time of issuing this release, there is already credible activity in the area.”

Mayor Lisa Gillmor issued a statement yesterday, too:

“We as a community need to acknowledge the horrific incident with Mr. Floyd, listen to the protesters and their message, and support peaceful expressions, however difficult. 

“As your mayor, the City Council and I are concerned about your safety and that of your family. I am in close contact with our Chief of Police Pat Nikolai and with City Manager Deanna Santana. We will continue to keep you informed on relevant news and updates. Please be safe and stay close to home.”

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  1. The most important thing we can do for our city is to comply with this curfew completely, and to stay off the streets after 5:30pm.

    No doubt that all of this interferes with the pandemic “re-opening,”

    But if we take the safest path here in just one city, we might prevent the overloading of our public services, such as law enforcement and health services.

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