No City Fireworks But Mission City Memorial Park Will Be Open On the Fourth of July

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara’s Picnic & Fireworks Extravaganza has been canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

But don’t think you can go out and get your own fireworks and try to entertain your family and neighbors. Fireworks are illegal in the Mission City.

For other entertainment ideas on the Fourth of July, you can visit the City website.

Mission City Memorial Park

Mission City Memorial Park will be open on Saturday, July 4 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. But the mausoleum, restrooms, office and chapel will be closed. 

Up to 100 visitors will be allowed into the park at one time. The access will be through the Dolores Avenue gate. 

Face coverings are required. Visitors must maintain a physical distance of at least six feet with those who are not part of your household.

For questions, call 408-615-3790 or email


  1. It really does suck when someone points out your hate speech and that you’re a homophobe. Plus you’re STILL NOT posting by your REAL name? The true mark of a coward – post under not even a real name attacking someone and then when you’re called out for it, try to reel it back in claiming it was “sarcasm.” If hurling homophobic hate speech at someone you don’t like is your definition of “sarcasm,” I’d hate to see what your definition is of “humor.”

    I might believe your attempt to justify your actions, but you led off with hate. Again… just another needless attack, but at least this time you couched it by trying to show compassion.

    Care to explain what “tools” one needs to “do the job?” And if you could possibly manage to do it without insulting Becker, that would be dandy…

  2. Mr. Cohen, Let me make my point clear for you. I feel Anthony Becker has no place on our city council due to his lack of experience. Anthony has not been very successful in his professional life and that’s not what I want for our city. I could go much deeper but I’ll save that for later.

    I’m sorry you don’t like my sarcasm. I feel other than being a decent human being, Anthony doesn’t have the tools for the job and would not be a good fit for our City and district 6.

    • Anthony Becker has ably chaired the Planning Commission for the past year. All over the country, planning commission is considered a very common stepping stone to City Council, especially since land use projects are often the biggest decisions that Council members vote on. Consider the $7 billion plus Related Santa Clara project. Santa Clara has elected several councilmembers in our past who have had less relevant and leadership experience than Anthony. I would like to point out that Robert Haugh has never interviewed Anthony Becker, Kevin Park nor myself. Perhaps he would like to do so before judging people harshly. I’m available.

  3. You’re sadly part of the problem….

    “I’m sure after Becker repurposes the roaches in his ashtray he’ll be in the junk piles trying to improve his position.”

    The fact it’s an anonymous post shows this person just wants to insult Mr. Becker. How does a false statement about Mr. Becker further the discussion? This is plain old fashioned hate speech.

  4. Ah… you have to love it when people who don’t want to reveal their identity insist on attacking people. Obviously Mr. “Becker’s Profit Sharing…” has nothing worthwhile to say so he resorts to insults.

    Mr. Becker has openly stated he’s gay. Could this be a bit of homophobia on your part?

    It’s.a darn shame Robert that you allow hate speech in the comments on your blog. Clearly this person who doesn’t have the guts to use their name, has issues with people that are gay. And by letting this comment stay here Robert, you are promoting and endorsing it.

    Shame on you Robert. You claim to be some super journalist yet you allow things like this to stand.

  5. I don’t know much about Rob Mezzetti because I doubt he has been to many council meetings. I don’t believe that he ever served on any Santa Clara commissions. Also it seems that he has represented big developers in Santa Clara and has sued the City. Also there has been some confusion as to where he really lives since he seems to own homes in San Jose and Santa Clara. Hopefully he’ll put up a website soon at explain his history of serving Santa Clara and his positions as to how to make Santa Clara a better place to live.

  6. I hear Anthony Becker is parked in District 6. I understand he’s running against a successful attorney, Rob Mezzetti a long time district 6 resident.

    Please note their different personal and professional directions and accomplishments.

    I’m sure after Becker repurposes the roaches in his ashtray he’ll be in the junk piles trying to improve his position.

    • What does a mans car have to do with their candidacy for office ? What an irrelevant and low blow to an otherwise amazing human being.

      I work with Anthony and I can tell you that of all of our coworkers he’s the one always sparking innovative conversations to streamline our various processes to better serve the demographic we work for. Always challenging our own leadership to do better.

      Our job is to stop the spread of hateful speech and otherwise dangerous content. You being the insulting Classist that you are couldn’t possibly understand what us working class citizens have to go through on a daily basis.
      I assure you Anthony Becker is the most qualified of the two candidates. Santa Claran born and raised, he actually cares for the community unlike your Elitist pick Rob Mezzetti.

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