Anthony Becker Flip Flops: Opposes Development Agreement Less Than an Hour After Supporting It at Council Meeting

By Robert Haugh

Last Tuesday, the City Council unanimously extended the exclusive negotiating agreement (ENA) for Republic Metropolitan LLC for a high-rise residential development.

It’s planned for the Caltrain Santa Clara Station Park-N-Ride lot located at 500 Benton Street.

Some speakers called in to support the project or the agreement. Some were opposed.

One supporter of extending the ENA was Anthony Becker who is the Planning Commission chair. He’s also a candidate for City Council this year.

Here’s what Becker said: “I’m in agreeance that we should extend the ENA to go deeper into this project and reevaluate it.”

Becker spoke for about two minutes with some suggestions about the development. 

Becker concluded by saying: “I really hope we can extend this.”

You can listen to him on YouTube

But Becker flip-flopped less than an hour later online. (Yup, less than an hour.) 

Here’s what he wrote on Facebook: “The more you think about it and with the entire transit area and downtown, this may not fit the right way and the ENA probably should not be extended.”


Thanks to a loyal reader for catching that and sending us the evidence.

Another reader in the Old Quad tells us that Becker has been “promising different things to different people” and he’s not always consistent.

We can’t wait to read his brochures. 


  1. It’s hard to believe Becker actually ran for Mayor in 2018. What’s next, president?

    Instead on Monopoly, how about Clue!

  2. Anthony Becker’s behavior is like Homer Simpson playing Monopoly. This is where his lack of experience and capabilities become obvious. Back to the minor league. DOH!

    2020 0-3

  3. Reminds me of a council member whose opinion depends on the last person they spoke to. (okay, there may be more than one.)

  4. I have served on Planning Commission for 5 years and chaired the Charter Review Committee. Councilmembers and Planning Commissioners are prohibited from deciding on an issue in advance of a public hearing. This is because they need to hear all the public arguments before making a decision. Many times I have been swayed by arguments made in the meetings. I’m assuming that Anthony was swayed by arguments made by community members trying to get a better deal for our City. I think Old Quad residents had great arguments. I don’t see any issues with flip-flopping. It signals an openness to hearing to others. There are sitting councilmembers who won’t even meet with their constituents.

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