NEWS SCOOP: Disgraced Former Councilman Dominic Caserta Teaching at SF State

By Robert Haugh

Thanks to a tip from some students, we’ve discovered that disgraced former Councilman Dominic Caserta is teaching again — at San Francisco State University (SFSU).

Caserta is teaching a course in the Political Science Department called “American Politics” (PLSI 200).

In 2018, Caserta was accused of sexual misconduct and sexual harassment by numerous female high school students and campaign staff during his run for County Supervisor. 

Caserta landed on the Creep Sheet that year. The publication is described as “the most complete list of public figures accused of sexual harassment or assault.”

Caserta’s story broke on on May 3, 2018.

Within two weeks, Caserta ended his campaign on May 15, 2018. He also stopped working at Santa Clara Unified School District (SCUSD) where he taught history.

SCUSD completed an investigation of Caserta.  But they haven’t made any information public. 

Caserta was put on paid leave during the investigation. We reported almost exactly a year ago that SCUSD paid Caserta at that time approximately $12,000 per month in salary and benefits for a total of $128,187. 

After an additional year, that number has more than doubled. Wow.

Caserta threatened to sue SCUSD for accidentally releasing his personnel file. According to legal experts, Caserta has a weak case. But he seems to have scared SCUSD.

In contrast, Foothill College did an investigation of Caserta. He taught there, too.

Caserta recruited students for his campaign from Foothill College and allegedly sexually harassed one of them.

Foothill College completed its investigation on July 22, 2018. Here’s what they found:

And here’s a summary of the recommendation:

According to student sources, SFSU did not investigate Caserta for any sexual harassment or assault allegations. 

They say his American Politics class is an online course that required students to interact with him in an online forum just once a week.

Caserta has been teaching online courses at SFSU since 2013.


    • Years ago when Dominic was running for Assembly, there was a Single Payer bill in Sacramento. At candidate forums, he was known to support Single Payer(Medicare for All) where progressives were apt to attend and at business forums, he would allege the opposite knowing business leaders at that time weren’t aware of the savings from a SP system. I attended the forum in Mt. View where he clearly said he supported SP. It was obvious then, he was a sleazy politician. The California Nurses Assn., that advocates for SP, knew early on to not vote for him.
      Sounds like he’s been a sleazy predator his whole life!!

  1. I guess he should drop his lawsuit against the Santa Clara School District. It looks as if he’s found meaningful employment elsewhere. Also, he looks to have opened a consulting business as well. He is playing the role man of an extortion artists asking the school district for his indiscretion.

    With his new job and consulting business, I hope he celebrates with Sasha. He seemed to enjoy her company along with some of his Queen of Apostles basketball players (all minors) awhile back.

    • If he said anything about me I am not aware of this and I have never sought his endorsement

  2. He should not allowed to teach. But if SF State is gonna employ him, they should be legally required to warn students.

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