Residents and Commissioner Raise Concerns About Library Leadership

By Robert Haugh

After our story yesterday about the plan to restore some Library services this month, we got a lot of calls and personal emails. We didn’t know we hit a sore subject.

Sounds like there’s been a lot of dissatisfaction in the community lately about how long it’s taken to restore services and re-open libraries. Other neighboring cities are doing more than Santa Clara according to some residents. 

We’re also hearing complaints about how long it’s taking to replace former City Librarian Hilary Keith who retired last September. She was popular with the public and Library staff.

At yesterday’s City Council priority setting session, Lee Broughman, a Library Commissioner, sent this message in for public comment:

It’s time to thank the assistant City Manager Cynthia Bojorquez for stepping up as acting City Librarian and move quickly to find qualified applicants to continue timely opening of library services.

Although a seasoned administrator would understand management and budgets, without experience and a Library Science degree how would they understand the magic of books, importance of early reading and literacy. Previous City Librarians saw the need and implemented at our multi branches much needed internet connections and assistance job search tools

It is particularly important at this time to have a dedicated, seasoned individual who can make timely decisions regarding the Libraries opening and their importance to community. Also, we need a person who has demonstrated their ability to understand the need for community libraries and the unique need of all its users.

We’ll be following this issue more closely. Thanks to our many tipsters.


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