Santa Clara City Council Review: City Wants Independent Review of 49ers Stadium Marketing Plan and Repair Schedule

By Robert Haugh

It was another long Tuesday meeting. Yes, it’s going to be a long year.

The City staff made a series of recommendations to get the 49ers to be more transparent.

They also recommended an independent review of the team’s marketing plan since the non-NFL events are losing lots of money according to the 49ers.

The City staff also pointed out that the stadium is behind schedule on promised repairs and upkeep. (It’s true. We’ve heard this comment from a number of people who went to games and events last two years).

The budget approval discussion started two weeks ago

49ers VP of Finance Jeff Fong and their outside counsel Charmaine Yu tried to convince the City Council to approve the budget. They argued the Santa Clara Stadium Authority (SCSA) has a legal obligation to do so. They also said the legal issues (or illegal actions?) were irrelevant.

The problem is that the team’s management company ManCo has violated wage laws in the past and won’t provide documentation to the City for expenses. The City Council in 2019 unanimously decided that public funds wouldn’t be released without sufficient documentation.

Councilmember Kevin Park argued on behalf of the team.

Park argued that the City should pay the expenses without sufficient documentation. He also suggested cutting the SCSA legal budget. 

Park’s recommendations would mean the City couldn’t sufficiently defend itself against the seven legal actions the 49ers have initiated against the SCSA and the City, according to City Attorney Brian Doyle.

But no one listened to Park.

Last night, the SCSA approved staff recommendations, 6-1. 


  1. Man am I proud to be represented by Kevin Park. He is sooooo smart. Wanna know how smart he is? Just ask him?
    Teresa O’neil lost to this guy? How did that happen? Let’s all start counting together, and when we get to 750,000 we will have the answer.
    Bottomline, he is an embarrassment to our District and our City.
    Anytime, anywhere, count me in to help get our City back.
    Yorkville is here.
    Burt Field

  2. This is typical for greedy NFL team owners, and the Yorks are no different.

    But all of this is explicitly covered in the Stadium Lease: The San Francisco 49ers are not responsible for a single penny of stadium maintenance or upkeep – our Santa Clara Stadium Authority is, and they are liable for all of it. Income from non-NFL events and Personal Seat License contracts are the only sources that the SCSA has to maintain a $1,300,000,000-dollar stadium.

    49ers’ ManagementCo is demanding a blank check from the SCSA for all of this, which is the exact reason why 49ers’ ManagementCo needs to go. That, plus the fact that they’re demanding a rubber-stamp approval of a stadium event marketing plan with only minimal review from our staff and city government.

    Councilman Park: In attempting to prevent the Santa Clara Stadium Authority even from defending itself in a courtroom, you have just voted against the legitimate interests of every fee- and tax-paying Santa Clara Resident.

    Santa Clarans: Visit the City Clerk’s webpages and read Kevin Park’s 460s. You will see how much I donated to his campaign for Council District 4. I did so, even though I live in District 5, in the mistaken belief that he would represent us and not the San Francisco 49ers’s Stadium Mob.

    I’ve filed 460s with the City Clerk myself, and you gotta love them: They’re public documents.

    Sometimes, they even help us to learn from our mistakes.

    == — == — == — == — == — == — == — == — == — == — == — == — ==

    • Look@Park’s 460s. How did he
      reconcile a $8000 personal loan
      at end of campaign.
      He didn’t.
      Holy cow.
      An FPPC nightmare (or dream)
      waiting to happen.

  3. Why is Park not visible during the meetings?

    I would like to see the traitors face as he tries to sellout the city for is own gains, this guy makes Kolstad look smooth.

    Kevin Park should be the first to be recalled!

    • And this is the idiot we lost Teresa o’Neill to? Have you listened to Park? Really listened? Mork from Ork made more sense! Nanoo! Nanoo!

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