City Council Review: Patrick Henry Specific Plan Gets Reviewed, Kevin Park Won’t Be Required to Show His Face During Council Meetings

By Robert Haugh

There was a study session on the Patrick Henry Specific Plan. The plan has been in process since 2019. The Northside plan calls for a mixed-use residential development. City staff projects up to 12,000 housing units. 

Now, there are17 light industrial facilities on 76 acres in the plan area that’s between Great America Parkway and Mission College Boulevard.

The plan includes affordable housing at 15 percent at 80 percent of the area’s median income.  That’s a lower income level than the City’s standard requirements.

The plan includes a library space, community rooms, and open space at 22 percent.

There was some discussion about traffic impacts. Vice Mayor Raj Chahal would like to see a shuttle from the Patrick Henry area to the Related Santa Clara development to the north.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor thinks the road improvements will help alleviate traffic between Great America Parkway headed toward Mission College and the Mercado. If she’s right and it makes it easier to get to In-N-Out Burger we think that’s a major improvement.

Petition to Require City Council to Appear on Camera

Santa Clara businessman and community leader Kirk Vartan petitioned the City Council to adopt a policy that requires all of them to appear on camera during City Council meetings when it’s a Zoom meeting.

Vartan was referring specifically to Councilman Kevin Park. Since he’s taken office in December, Park has only appeared on camera once at a City Council meeting.

Park said last night that he doesn’t appear on camera because he has a bad internet connection at home. He also said that he needs to stay at home with his daughter until his wife gets home from work so he can’t come to City Hall when City Council meetings start.

Interestingly, Park was at City Hall during the discussion of this item. He said that he started the meeting at home. But he came to City Hall during a break.  Park only turned on his video briefly during the last few minutes of the debate.

The vote to put the item on a future agenda for action failed 5-2. Only Gillmor and Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe supported putting Vartan’s request on a future agenda.

Other Stuff

The City Council reported out of closed session the final settlement from the CVRA lawsuit. We’ll do a separate story on that on another day.

The City Council had an interesting discussion about the Franklin Square maintenance district. The property owners voluntarily pay an assessment for capital improvements on the City’s parking lots. Councilman Suds Jain wants to raise the assessment. But the City can’t do it without the majority of the property owners agreeing to it.

Jain represents the district. Gillmor had to recuse herself from the item because she owns property in Franklin Square. 

City staff had difficulty explaining to the City Council how the maintenance district works. They’ll have to come back with a report.


  1. I went to the city council website where all the council members, except Kevin Park, have profile pictures. It seems odd that he won’t appear on the video of council meetings, and also has no profile picture on the official City website.

  2. Hate to admit it but I know when I’m not on video during a zoom call, it usually means I’m listening half-heartedly but doing other things (unrelated work, bills, household jobs, etc) that have nothing to do with the call and at times distract me from the conversation. In an everyday situation, not good (or polite). In a city council and city business situation, a disaster. Mr. Parks knew what this job entailed when he ran for office; pleading that he has other duties at home now is a sad excuse for doing his job badly (or not at all). I’m embarassed that the remainder of the city council enable him in this disrespect to us voters.

    • Absolutely right. Disrespect at its finest. Each council meeting this is seen even more. Council majority has allowed this bad behavior to continue. Kevin’s buddies. Birds of a feather flock together.

  3. Suds Jain wants to raise business improvement district fees for businesses (thusly affecting their employees) who were all so hard hit by the pandemic last year? Talk about lack of empathy – this is not “the Santa Clara way”. Shame on you, Suds Jain!

  4. I guess Jed can’t pay for Kevin Park’s baby sitting?
    More BS from the contrarian.

  5. Child care issues? So what is Park going to do when in person council meetings start back up?

  6. Hey, maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on Kevin Park.
    If he is having trouble getting a strong WIFI signal the city should get some tech support to help the poor scientist.

    • Amazed at how well liked Kevin Park is?


      He represents residents? What District?

      He seems more about himself than his people.

      How does someone become so unpopular?

  7. Ever notice how the gang of 5 enable each other
    in council meetings? These meetings are long
    but it’s great therapy. LOL!

    No way these 5 cannot be talking to each other!
    They defend Park and his bad internet,
    Hardy can’t talk for herself and needs Chahal and
    Jain to explain what she can’t.
    Becker looks like a chipmunk constantly stuffing
    his face from stress (or maybe its the ganja
    Chahal is so thin skinned and cannot accept
    he could be wrong and loves to argue with
    anyone who doesn’t agree
    with him except the other 4.
    Same with Jain who doesn’t argue but
    condescendingly challenges every answer by
    experienced staff.
    And then they will all high 5 each
    other. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Great Tuesday night entertainment.
    Thank you City for giving the public free
    access to what public servants shouldn’t do.

  8. Good news not having to watch Kevin Park destroy our city. Now maybe we can disconnect his audio?

    Big win for Jeds team.😂🤣😂

  9. I don’t blame Kevin Park for not wanting to show his face on video. If I were a sellout and traitor to my own community I would be embarrassed also.

    Kevin Park is the worst Council member since Kolstad. Kick backs with a smile. No humility. A Sociopath.

  10. Just asking for a friend, if instead of seeing Kevin Park’s face all you see is a black screen does that mean he is in black face?

  11. Watching city council has become painful.
    So glad to sit on sidelines.
    Not my monkeys.
    Not my circus.
    God help Santa Clara.

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