City Council Review: Council Majority Wants to Censure Kathy Watanabe and Admonish Lisa Gillmor for Offending Kevin Park

By Robert Haugh

It was another long meeting and another odd discussion. But that’s getting to be a regular thing for this new City Council.

Last night, Councilwoman Karen Hardy introduced a motion to censure Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe and admonish Mayor Lisa Gillmor for offending Councilman Kevin Park.

Kevin Park
Santa Clara Councilman Kevin Park

Park says he was denied an opportunity to speak at an anti Asian hate rally organized by Watanabe. Park did not RSVP that he would attend the event. And he only asked to speak minutes before the event ended.

At first, Hardy would not specify the details of her censure and admonishment. But City Attorney Brian Doyle said it was required. So Hardy admitted that she had an attorney prepare the two resolutions. When Hardy read the documents, she stumbled on the wording.

Once again, Park would not show his face on video.  But when Park spoke via audio it was clear he was offended. 

Park said that Watanabe’s previous apologies were insufficient. He said that he did not think Watanabe wanted him to speak at the event although he did not offer any evidence.

Park also didn’t like the fact that Gillmor asked him at a previous Council meeting if he would have done anything differently at the event. Last month, Park said he would have. Mayor Gillmor “does try to blame the victim, in this case me,” said Park. 

Park also referred to himself as a “victim” when this incident was discussed last month.

Both items passed with 4-3 votes. They will be put on a future agenda. 

Hardy, Park and Chahal voted for both items.

Councilman Anthony Becker voted to agendize the Watanabe censure but against the Gillmor admonishment.

Councilman Suds Jain voted against the Watanabe censure but for the Gillmor admonishment.

Editor’s Note: We’ll cover the rest of the agenda items from last night in another column.


  1. @ Not J Byron Fleck. Interesting comments! Mr. Fleck seemed to be obssessed with the last elections and the whole CVRA situation even though I understand he no longer lives in Santa Clara. What is he getting (and from who) for continuing to put his fingers in the Santa Clara pie???

    • Simple: he’s definitely on the short list once the 49er-backed council majority get rid of city attorney Brian Doyle. He’ll focus on social-justice-warrior issues that give the perception of “feel-good” progress in the city and turn a blind eye to the thievery and corruption that’s coming from the 49ers. They’ll settle all the lawsuits and let the 49ers have their way.

      Think of this: the 49ers have consistently blamed their poor revenues on 2 things: pandemic closures, and the curfew (which they agreed to when they came to Santa Clara). But look at their first 2 years of operation (before the whole soccer park debacle) – there was a curfew then but it was still very profitable.

      After the soccer park spat, and Mayor Jamie Mathews abruptly resigned and disappeared into the darkness of night, and Mayor Lisa Gilmor waged all-out war against the 49ers, they’ve been self-sabotaging (and embezzling what little profits they did make) to give the illusion of poor stadium performance to lay the blame on Lisa and friends.

      Mark my words:
      They will eliminate city attorney Brian Doyle
      Then they will bring in J Byron Fleck as a replacement attorney (or, God-forbid, Patty Mahan)
      Then they will eliminate city manager Deanna Santana
      They may even replace her with ally Harbir Bhatia as a “successful marketing exec”
      Then they will vote to eliminate the curfew
      Then they will vote to dismiss all lawsuits with the 49ers
      Then the 49ers will “magically” start making big profits again on non-NFL events
      They will hail the new council (led by Raj) as the saviors of a failing stadium
      Then they will put Raj Chahal up against Lisa to run for Mayor
      The 49ers will pump another $3-4 million in the election to make sure Raj wins. Their main campaign messaging will circle around the CVRA and the stadium revenues and “harmonius” relationship with the 49ers, ending a decade long battle

      This is not a conspiracy theory. This is their playbook, play by play. The question is: what will residents do about it?

    • if i were a resident of district 1 i would be very concerned. even if you have a councilmember it doesn’t matter. district 1 votes means diddly squat based on this analysis. your district 1 councilmember’s concerns AND YOURS would be outweighed 6-1 if chahal runs for mayor and wins with the 49ers backing an election campaign for him like they did in 2020.

      be concerned about 2022 and who will represent you.

    • I just want to say that Kevin Park is one of the dullest, least interesting people I have met. I went on a walking tour of the El Camino several years ago. He was concerned with the quality of pavement, placemaking, high density housing, people walking and taking buses on the El Camino. I had to leave about half way through, I couldn’t take more. District elections have diluted the quality of the city council. He’s not a bad guy, but about as interesting as watching paint dry. Watanabe, Gillmor, and Jain are the only qualified people on the council. Hopefully Chahal, Hardy, and Park will all serve only one term.

  2. Brainwashed Raj
    With a beholden entourage
    Don’t be fooled
    This guy is a tool
    With a defensive barrage
    To add to his 49er collage

  3. “Delusions” should thank their stars for citizens like Burt Field. Mr. Field has the courage to speak truth and stand up for what’s right for Santa Clara (even when being mocked by pseudo-intellectuals). Thank you for your continuing vigilance and integrity, Mr. Field.

  4. Unbelievable
    Kevin Park spoke about ethics and values at the same time he claims he’s a victim for not given the opportunity to speak at a rally at the last minute. Isn’t his wife a victim of spousal abuse.
    And Karen Hardly could not explain what law or policy that was violated. She could barely read what her attorney wrote AKA Patty Mahan. These five one term 49er puppets can now claim that they are the worst council in Santa Clara history. What they should have done was started a investigation in Kevin Park’s spousal abuse police records. It would be interesting to know if Park has any violent history at his work place. We will see what comes forward in the near future.

    • What workplace? Kevin has been unemployed for several years now (not surprising).

      Inheritance, bitcoin boomer, or getting paid some “other way”… you think his face on video is the only thing he’s hiding?

      Dig deeper.

  5. Karen Hardy —you did a good job, while speaking for Jed York last night.. We all know that you are working for him !!!! Did you get any money, like the rest of the others ?? You really shined a little when you spoke. We usually just get your blaaaa face and comments. What you did last night to Kathy and Mayer Gillmor proves that you sit on that chair for J. Y. not the people of Santa Clara. I want everyone to know that I love the 49ers.
    and feel so sorry that they have a money-hungry man like him in charge of them.

    By the way, the first thing Jed York asked the City Council for, right after the beginning of the season , was to have their rent lowered. I know that is true,because I was at the meeting that night. That was one of many things he wanted.

  6. I am beyond disgusted. The only thing “The Four” have proven is that they can’t be trusted by the people of Santa Clara to do what’s best for THEM! They want to blame Kathy and Lisa for their own low IQ’s which led them to be bought by Jed York!

    And Park wants to act like a victim? What a joke! Adults don’t attach themselves to Asian hate! My very first job when I was 16 in Rhode Island was in a Chinese Restaurant. I was a waitress and The owner was one of the best people I’ve known in my life! Add to that the fact that one of my neighbors who is Korean is one of my best friends and her last name is PARK! And she wouldn’t vote for or trust this joke either!

    We are seeing Kevin Park now take advantage of Asian Hate as he tries to use it to hurt Kathy and Lisa! and based on what we’ve seen so far, he couldn’t even shine their shoes!

    So, to the “The Four”…. Wake up and realize you’ve been BOUGHT and stop trying to hurt people who don’t deserve it because of it!

    Lisa is an incredible Mayor and she doesn’t need a crooked City Council to damage Santa Clara while she tries to fix it!

  7. When are the “49er City Council” members going to start to do what they were elected to do, and that is to represent us, the residents of this City?
    Seems like Kevin and his crew need a “Hug”. Maybe “Sugar Daddy Jed” can come down from his Tower and give his “49er City Council” members a motivational talk?
    I have been to enough youth soccer games, and at the end when all the kids are drinking their juice and eating their snack, the parents make a little tunnel and the kids get to run through it. And all the parents get to chant, “We are proud of you, we are so proud of you”. Maybe that will make Kevin and his crew feel better?

    Speaking of which, how is all of that going for us, the residents so far?
    Another months of diversions, distractions, infighting and marathon, I’m talking epic length meetings, how is our City doing? Can we get a score card or at least a grade?
    This is so easy to see and yet so hard to change.
    This Infection that we brought into our City is similar to a low grade fever. It’s just going to wear us all down. They have Time and Money.
    Thank God they do not have any brains. Scary to think what could have happened to our City if some thought had actually gone into how to tear down a City and put your “Puppets” in place.

    Yorkville California
    Wake up Santa Clara!! I don’t think this is what you wanted when you voted for these Bozo’s.
    Burt Field

    • Everything that don’t go Burt Field’s way, or the mayor’s way or just if anyone that thinks different than Burt, he constantly pivots to the niners or Jed York. Many begin to wonder if Burt has an obsession or possible undiagnosed mental illness. Maybe he should seek therapy about Jed York and his ‘sugar daddy’ fantasy.
      Burt is like Don Quixote, he keeps fighting them windmills. Burt believes that the Windmills or council are ferocious giants. He thinks that after defeating them — all “thirty or 49” of them!. Burt will be able to collect the spoils and the glory as a brave bold knight. However, when he charges the “giants,” his lance gets caught in a sail only to look silly. Ooops!
      If it don’t work out here in Santa Clara for Burt, I am sure he will fit in Alabama.

    • This is written so poorly and seems to be some kind of personal fantasy. This has to be unaccomplished Anthony Becker, or one of his cohorts.

      Dumb or dumber.

    • Nah, that comment written above is definitely written by J Byron Fleck. He’s the ONLY person infatuated with Alabama.

      Everywhere he posts or places he speaks he says, “Everyone is calling Santa Clara the Alabama of the West” yet he’s the ONLY person who has ever said those words.

      Talk about delusional.

    • This is just plain funny….thanks for the laugh.

      Reminds me of the movie Tommy Boy. In that movie David Spade asks Chris Farley if he ate paint chips as a child?
      I’m seriously thinking something stronger was in play here. Sadly we won’t be able to ask since the author didn’t think their writing was worth putting their name to it.
      Boo hoo…

      I am not hiding from anyone, and look forward to intelligent conversations about the future of our City.

      Burt Field

  8. I’m embarrassed for the four city council who voted to go ahead with this ridiculous charade/vendetta. Kathy Watanabe and Mayor Gillmor have supported and worked with numberous AAPI representatives, including Ro Khanna, Mike Honda, Norm Mineta,and many others. Ms. Watanabe was workng for the north side of Santa Clara long before she ran for the city council and was instrumental in getting a library built for us (among other things). Why do you think we re-elected her, even with the millions of dollars that the 49ers threw at the election to get her out? The cries of “racist” and demands for censure are being driven by the 49ers behind-the-scenes schemes to get Ms. Watanabe and Mayor Gillmor out so they continue their bid to buy every seat on our council and have a bunch of mindless puppets doing their bidding and selling us out. Shameful.

  9. What a waste of the city council’s time. Using race as a political tool yet not advancing the cause one bit.

    I wouldn’t show my face if I was Kevin Park either.

  10. This is getting ridiculous. Park was invited but did not indicate he would attend, showing a lack of interest in the event. Then, at the end of the event he decides he wants to bully his way onto the agenda. I am glad kathy had the integrity to stand up to the bully. Now he is using his victim status to do more bullying.
    This is why Kevin lost my support several years ago ,he began to identify himself primarily as a victim.
    Now the council is using devisive race tactics to gain more power. They should be ashamed of themselves. Santa Clara deserves better than this.

  11. There’s no connection between the anti-asian hate rally and Parks domestic violence visit.

    It was very difficult to listen to Park’s whiny I’m a victim tirade.

    Just more distractions while Park and his buddies give the city away to the Jed York.

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