1. Burt
    You and many other people did not screw up ,for voting the way you did on Measure J. I worked on Measure J and Jed York was always in our rooms being so pleasant and nice He would come up to us and hug us, take pictures with us and kept thanking us. He put on a great act. We found out latter that he did not give a shit about us. So you see, we were fooled also. I still can not believe that one of the first thing he asked for, was to have his rent lowered. I was sitting there at City Council and I could not believe it. Just remember, we were voting for the 49ers. Little did we know, that they were being run by a money hungry, selfish, person. He cares less about our team. It’s all about him.

  2. For the record, Councilmember Jain was absent from the event to honor SCU women’s soccer team at city hall. Maybe the pressure is getting to him? Or did he have to recuse himself since his wife works for SCU.

    Whatever the reason, it is noticed but then again by comments on here, he certainly isn’t missed.


    • If an event is not intended to spread race baiting hate, slander Mayor Gillmor or further a socialistic agenda you can count on Jain not to be there. He does not represent the citizens or business in district 5 and he truly hates Santa Clara.

    • Bingo! Take a look at Sudsy’s FB page.
      He couldn’t be in SC but he knows the
      way to SJ. He posted this:

      Thank you to Mike Hennessy of Hennessy’s Auto Repair for emceeing the wonderful but low key Memorial Day Remembrance at Oak Hill Cemetery today. The event was announced by word of mouth and there were a lot of great classic cars on show there. Next year Mike promises a big event with bleachers and helicopters. Great speeches by Ray Watts, president of the United Veterans Council of Santa Clara County (USVSCC), Senator Senator Dave Cortese, Supervisor Cindy Chavez, Councilmembers @Deb Davis, Pam Foley. Thank you to all to made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve the US Constitution and the ideals of America and to those who have served or are currently serving.

      BTW, Sudsy, it’s Dev Davis if you’re going to
      start 💋 up to SJ. No doubt you’ll convince
      Mike to abandon the helicopters since they’re
      bad for the environment.

  3. Burt

    As I said before, I agree with you. We need to get a group together and get them out They were voted in under false pretenses. They could not wait to insult our mayor and Kathy over something that was so childish that most people could not believe it. We need to get back to the way our City Council was, before three stupid greedy people it. destroyed it.

    • Thanks Dorothy, All I need is someone to point me in the right direction.
      I’m willing to help push this forward. I know it will get super ugly only because the 49er machine will spend whatever he needs to protect their investment.

      Our City is worth protecting and many families plan on being around a long time. This effort will not be for my generation, but for those who comes after us.
      I screwed up.. many of us did. We voted in favor of Measure J and got it passed. Let’s start by just getting back to that Measure and enforcing what we voted for.
      Two things I know.

      1. Measure J is law
      2. The San Francisco 49ers are a tenant’s in our City.
      a. Stadium
      b. 11 acres next to the stadium. 35+ more years at $2,500 a month.

      Is that simple enough?

      Burt Field

    • Bert.

      You get this machine started many
      will help! Like me! I voted for one
      bozo. I made a mistake.
      I watch council meeting and am
      mad I didn’t listen to neighbors.
      The long time neighbors keeps
      saying this is the worst council
      ever for Santa Clara.

    • All I can say is way bigger things have started with less!
      This is personal to me. I remember the orchards, playing in the creeks and staying out past the street lights coming on. This has been my home since I was a little kid.
      Our City is in the midst of great change, some good, some not so good, and then we have the trouble we invited in.
      That’s what I can focus on.
      I am hoping just to get some direction on this. Appreciate you chiming in.
      Burt Field

    • Hey and for homework extra credit, get these York bums and their 2 cohorts out of office!

  4. Why stop at Censure? Why are we not pursuing removing all the “49er City Council”. There is enough evidence of who they support and represent. Makes sense given the financial backing that one company has given them all.
    I strongly believe the Residents when educated and informed, will want and desire proper representation for our whole City. We are not a company town.
    We are Santa Clara
    Let’s get back to working on what is best for our City, and what is not in the best interest on one little company which we have already bent over backwards to bring into our town.
    We are a group of highly intelligent people, and we need to focus on what is our City going to look like in 10 or 15 years. Not continuing to waste our time talking about BS like garbage rates.
    Removal is the best course of action. Now how do we do it?
    Burt Field

  5. Suds says he’s quit his job to fight climate change. Perhaps in a socialist way like George Soros. If Suds wants to make the largest impact on climate, he would sell his 3500 square foot home and moved to India where you can cut the air with a knife. What a huge impact Suds can make in India.

    But that’s not part of the George Soros socialist agenda. It’s not really about climate change.

  6. Mayor Gillmor led a very nice and solemn Memorial Day event at the Santa Clara Veterans Memorial in honor of all our military heroes who have past fighting for our democracy and a special honor to the late former council member/veteran Jim Ash. Attendees included the Fire Chief, Police Chief, two scout troops, veterans from the American legion and several others. Most of the city council was also present paying their respects. Noticeably absent was District 5 Councilmember Suds Jain, even though councilmember Becker tried to cover and say that all the council was present on a fakebook post he shared in the district 5 FB site. So it leaves the question, where was Suds?

    • Councilmember Jain by selfishly choosing not to attend this City of Santa Clara Memorial Day event has shown great disrespect and distain for many men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice while defending our country and protecting the free loving people of the world. Jain’s actions are also a slap in the face to thousands of Santa Clarans who have lost loved ones while in service of our country. Jain was one of the first to demand a censure of Councilmember Watanabe when she inadvertently hurt Kevin Parks feelings by not allowing him to speak at another event. Jain’s cold and callous lack of attendance at this memorial event demands an official City Council Censure and Admonishment.

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