SPECIAL REPORT: New City Council On Pace to Shatter Special Meeting Record Because They Can’t Finish Council Meetings On Time

By Robert Haugh

The newest members of the City Council took their seats at City Hall in December, 2020.

That’s when Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park were sworn in.

Since their arrival, there have been 16 special City Council meetings.  

Most of the special meetings have been extra meetings that had to be scheduled because the City Council can’t finish at a reasonable hour.  

When the City Council meetings go late, it’s frustrating to the public. We’ve heard complaints from lots of residents who don’t want to watch meetings after midnight.

How does this compare to previous years and previous City Council meetings?  There were:

  • 17 special meetings in all of 2020; 
  • 12 special meetings in 2019; and
  • 19 special meetings In 2018.

At the current pace, the new City Council may double the special meetings from previous years. Wow.

In the years 2018 to 2020, most special meetings  had to deal with stadium issues that were discovered during audits. Some special meetings were joint meetings with other city commissions. Some were just town hall meetings hosted by the City Clerk. 

This year, it’s different. Observers inside and outside City Hall say the new members of the City Council ask basic questions that are already covered in the staff report. They are also more talkative and argumentative than past City Councils. 

Their style and lack of knowledge has led community leaders to call this the most dysfunctional City Council in recent memory. It’s pretty obvious from the numbers.


  1. Robert, I was up til Weds morning watching this crap show. You wanna cry or laugh?

    Go to the replay. It’s disgusting. Plain and simple.

    Our council has turned into old disfunctional school board.Seriously!

  2. Now that the state and county has reopened, in person council meetings should resume. Enough hiding behind a computer screen.

  3. It’s hard watching a train wreck. Especially when it has the capacity to destroy a city you love.

  4. I am looking forward to the very near future when council meetings must be held in person and in council chambers. The new majority will have a very tough time with that. Kevin Park will not be able to hide behind his black screen of anonymity; he will have to give his rambling nonsensical tirades in front of his fellow council members and the public but mainly he will have to control his temper. In previous meetings you can hear right at the point that he is about to snap then silence from behind the black screen. Kevin will have a very hard time on the dais. Jain can be called out publicly on his lies and total lack of concern for district 5 residents and projects. Becker won’t be able to “hit the bong” while on the dais, that will make a looong night for him. Hardy will sit there and do nothing as usual until told and then she will mess that up. Chahal will continue on his 2022 Mayoral campaign by demeaning and insulting staff, challenging financial records, contracts and prior council decisions only to be SCHOOLED by the Mayor, City Manager and City Staff and shown how incorrect all of his hypothesis and calculations are (great job Raj on the months of garbage rate discussions). No more off camera advice from the 49er handlers or lawyers. But the best part is they now have to be accountable to us in person without hiding. I think some won’t be able to do it!

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