May Calendar Review: Councilmembers Meet with 49ers Then Vote Against City Staff Attempt to Increase Revenue to Santa Clara

By Robert Haugh

In May, the meetings between Councilmembers and the 49ers continued.

Three Councilmembers met with the team on matters that were set for hearing before the Council.

Vice Mayor Raj Chahal and Councilwoman Karen Hardy had back-to-back meetings with the 49ers on May 26 to discuss stadium operations and a briefing about field seats.

Councilman Kevin Park had a May 24 meeting with the 49ers regarding “cancellation of meeting regarding stadium operations due to conflicting special council meeting.”

Park and Councilman Suds Jain had a May 10 meeting with the 49ers. Park’s calendar says the meeting was about stadium operations. Jain’s calendar was more detailed. Jain lists the meeting topics as stadium operations, Covid vaccine operations, field seats, and the creek trail.

Jain also had a phone meeting with the 49ers regarding the 64 field seats and SBLs on May 25.

Then, at the June 8th Council meeting, Jain carried the team’s water on the field seat issue.  No one from the team showed up to the meeting. But Jain explained the 49ers’ argument in detail.

When Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe moved that the Council support the City staff’s effort to increase City revenue from the field seats, Jain voted against it. So did the rest of the pro-49er majority: Chahal, Hardy, Park and Anthony Becker.

Watanabe and Mayor Lisa Gillmor voted to support the City’s staff effort. Neither Watanabe nor Gillmor have met with the 49ers this year according to their calendars.


  1. This does pull the covers from these vermin. During the election they all claimed, ‘oh, I didn’t ask for the money, all those adds and flyers have nothing to do with me!’. Well, the sleaze bags have come for the pound of flesh they paid for and they are getting it. It just looks like the niners aren’t attending the meeting. They are attending it in the form of their well paid water boys. When Robert said they were carrying the water for them it was a very apt description. The niners have at least 3 well paid representatives at every council meeting, and two that look forward to future benefits.
    The whole thing is disgusting.
    One thing that nags at me, when Kevin Park meets with the niners does he do it on zoom without a picture or does he wear a black hood? I guess someone shamed him into making his screen a little less drab.

  2. As I have stated, this makes absolutely no sense at all.
    At a time when everyone is looking for revenue streams….that even includes our tenant, our own City Council is saying “No”.
    It fact it makes so little sense, it actually make sooooooo much sense.
    Who is representing us the residents, and who is representing our tenant. By the way, the very same tenant that is in active litigation against us….right now in multiple law suits.
    Are these “Fab 5” just that much smarter then the rest of us?
    Let me know when we can officially refer this version of the Santa Clara City Council as the newly names 49er City Council.
    If so do the 49ers have to pay us, the City a Naming Rights, just like Levi’s pays them to name our Stadium?
    That’s right, it’s still our stadium.
    Just asking questions because nothing is making sense to me anymore.
    Burt Field

  3. Personal gain seems to be more important than representing the city and its residents for these five awkward council members.

    I know Jed is very generous, but please remember the people of Santa Clara.

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