City Council Raises Water Rates; Still Lowest Rates in the Area

By Robert Haugh

At last week’s Council meeting, the City Council unanimously approved a four percent increase in residential water rates. The increase takes effect July 1, 2021

Council member Suds Jain requested that City staff present the water and sewer rate information, even though it’s been presented several times already.

“This is raising rates to the public, I think we should present so the public is aware,” said Jain. 

The four percent water usage fee increase is below the 9.1 percent increase announced by Valley Water. Santa Clara continues to have lower overall water, recycled water, and sewer rates than our surrounding neighbors: San Jose, Sunnyvale and Milpitas. 

There was no increase in recycled water or sewer rates. 

According to City staff, the rate increase will help fund capital improvement projects and maintenance. 

Nine residents contested the water rate increases. The City has a 25 percent rate assistance program for qualified residents.


  1. Somebody get out a stopwatch… I want to find out just how long the “49er City Council” will go back and forth on this one subject.
    Any bets on which one of the “Fab Five” will stand up and champion this complete waste of time?
    49er Jain is the early favorite, but do not count out 49er Chahal. Remember he is trying gain some tracking for his run at Mayor.

    Burt Field

    • 49er Chahal run for Mayor ! He would be very lucky to win his district. Funny one Burt.

    • Thin skinned Rajy for Mayor? The guy who loves to point out how everyone is wrong! But he is right? For Mayor? Oh puhleeze!!

    • Adam and Maurice, so funny, yet no one outside of the 49ers is currently laughing.
      In a Valley where start up homes begin at $1 million, who would have thought our City Council could be bought for a mere $3 million?
      I wonder what the price tag is going to be for Mayor? Anyone care to take a guess? Can we start an office pool maybe?
      Remind me how our City is going to be better once we are completely under the leadership of one local company.

      Burt Field

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