Silicon Valley’s First Urban Farm Community Housing Project Breaks Ground

By Robert Haugh

After eight years and loads of effort, Santa Clara leaders celebrated the start of the construction of Agrihood, an affordable housing development at 90 North Winchester Blvd.

Agrihood is Silicon Valley’s first-of-its-kind urban farm community with market-rate and affordable housing. 361 new homes are being built for Santa Clara residents. 181 will be affordable units for seniors and senior veterans. 

The project will have 1.7-acres of open space plus 5,000 square feet for retail and event space that’s expected to host a farmers’ market, book readings, and live music.

Visit to learn more.

Santa Clara Elected OfficiaAttending:

Mayor Lisa Gillmor

Vice Mayor Raj Chahal

Councilman Anthony Becker

Councilman Suds Jain

Councilman Kevin Park

Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe

Councilwoman Karen Hardy was a no-show.

Other Elected Officials:

Santa Clara County Supervisor Susan Ellenberg

State Senator Bob Wieckowski (his speech was entertaining)

Assemblyman Alex Lee

State Senator Dave Cortese

Former Santa Clara City Hall Leaders:

Former Councilwoman Teresa O’Neill

Former City Attorney Brian Doyle


  1. Suds!
    While youre busy mansplaining Karen
    absence why wasn’t Karen at
    9/11 memorial event?
    Karen defunded police and fire right!
    Don’t want to show her face in public
    after that shameful decision?

    Never forget Karen defunded police
    and fire. You also did Suds and your
    other 49er friendlies Park and Chahal.
    Thats messed up for sure.

  2. Karen Hardy was busy teaching her students at Wilcox High School. Robert could have explained that rather than saying she was a “No Show”. More colored reporting. Interesting to see that Robert Haugh supports the idea of full-time councilmembers. Also Former Planning Director, Kevin Riley and City Manager Deanna Santana was there.

    • Robert said he supports FT council?Reporters don’t have opinions. Oh wait, that’s right! Sudsy colludes with the Weakly and Flashlight. One-sided opinions! Talk about colored reporting. Someone recently referred to their *writing*as yellow journalism! 😂😂

      Nuff’ said!

    • Puppet Karen H. lost her voice on December 18, 2018. Chahal started manspeaking for her.

      She’s got 2 manspeakers now?? 😂😂

    • I’ve never supported the idea of full time council members. I’ve always documented who is absent at any meetings or community events. This isn’t new.

    • Lots of people in the Twin Towers were busy on 9/11/01 too. If a council member doesn’t have the time to make it to such a significant memorial, especially to make it a powerful learning moment for a teacher’s students, then maybe some one should reconsider his or her priorities. Aside from a family emergency or illness nobody on our city council should have missed this memorial, period. Everybody that showed up to the 9/11 memorial is busy too, not just Ms Hardy and the others that missed the memorial.

    • Suds-
      You might as well resign now before you are recalled. You do nothing for the residents of District 5. You are unable to vote on anything that affects the constituents.

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