My Personal Story: I Have Been Cleared of the Malicious and False Claims Against Me

By Robert Haugh

During the course of a family law custody dispute involving our daughter, my ex-wife made serious, malicious and false claims against me. 

Fortunately, my name was recently cleared when the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office dismissed charges against me. It was the truthful, just and right thing to do.

During the process, I underwent a polygraph by a man who has done national security polygraphs for the federal government. I passed the polygraph in a manner that was described by the polygrapher as one of the strongest results he has seen in his career. 

In my career as a preschool teacher, there has never been a claim, hint or suggestion of any improper touching or treatment of any child under my care.

I had about a dozen character letters from all sorts of people from an array of backgrounds. 

Even though the heinous allegations were completely unfounded, they led to costly legal fees, lost wages and a lot of heartache.  And they obviously have had a huge emotional toll on me and my family. 

Many ask how I paid the bills. Well, I used everything I had saved. My family tapped into a loan. Donations from friends and close family helped as well. 

Unfortunately, I haven’t seen my daughter in nearly a year because of these heinous and false allegations by her mother. 

We’re still battling in family court. It’s very clear the false allegations made against me were made by my ex-wife in an attempt to gain an advantage in what has been a long, drawn-out custody matter. She has constantly  asked for full custody, not considering what’s best for our daughter. 

This has been the hardest thing I’ve ever dealt with in my life. And I’ve been through a lot. But I will continue to persevere and stay strong. 

I’m grateful for the friends and family that have stood by my side and helped me. I couldn’t have done it without you.


  1. The SCWeakly and 49er 5 owes you a retraction on all the BS they have posted about you. Will they have the decency to do so?

    Keep your head high, Robert!

    These 49er clowns can’t hold a candle anywhere close to you! That goes for Caserta, Sellers, Honda and Mahan! Leaders of the 49er PAC!

  2. It is interesting you connected this event to your physical event of the trauma of almost losing your arm.(the link to your previous post)
    I recently heard a podcast about the similarities of emotional pain and physical pain. The same areas of the brain are activated for both. You have been the victim of painful abuse and have stayed strong. Keep doing what you need to do but please keep us informed of what’s happening in our city, even when it hurts.

  3. So sorry to hear this happened to you. I had a friend who went through something like what happened to you. She needs to loose custody. This is a disgrace not only to all women but damages our children in the process.

  4. The timing of this bogus suit seems very much like the timing of the bogus Exline accusations against Gillmor when she ran against Voldemort er, Becker. Someone thought they could shut Robert down from publishing the TRUTH against Jed’s 2020 hand-picked candidates and expose his $3 million PAC.

    There are vile and disgusting enemies of good people in our fair city. When the losers have to pay up lets hope who has ever has funded these waste of money and court time lawsuits will be exposed.

  5. It disgusts me so very much that women like this stoop so low to accuse their ex husband/boyfriend of such a disgusting claim as this just to get THEIR way in a custody dispute. It takes everything a man has personally and financially to defend themselves when it is not true of the allegations. Karma is a b**** and it will come back to haunt his ex for for lies she has said but mostly her selfishness of not thinking what she has done to their child. His ex is a disgrace to all us other women.

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