Email Reveals Santa Clara Councilman Kevin Park’s Political Consultant Asked 49ers for Money to Help Park

By Robert Haugh

On May 17, Santa Clara Councilman Kevin Park’s Political Consultant Jay Reed sent him an email. It reveals that Reed asked the 49ers “to help fund efforts to help” Park.

Reed would not answer questions about what the request was for. 

“It was a personal email between me and Kevin,” Reed wrote in an email to us on Tuesday. 

When asked for more details, Reed wrote: “The entire conversation was personal.” Reed underlined the word “entire.”


Park did not respond to a request for comment.

Doubly interesting.

The email was uncovered as part of a public records act request from former Santa Claran James Rowen.

According to numerous sources, Rowen is upset with Reed’s business partner Ed McGovern and former Santa Clara Councilman Kevin Moore. Rowen believes they failed to pay him for his efforts to help them with Santa Clara projects.

McGovern is a longtime political consultant and lobbyist for the 49ers. McGovern and Reed have worked together on a lot of development projects in the Bay Area.

Moore is a lobbyist who has had close ties to the 49ers since his City Council days. Moore has continued to work with the team and concert promoter LiveNation to get rid of the stadium curfew.

Rowen has told numerous people that he believes he can uncover more about this story. 

We’ll cover it as it develops.


  1. Kevin Park does not deserve to be sitting on the city council. He has so many complaints and violations against him and he just keeps on doing them. When are we going to do something about it ? ? ?

    DO we have to wait until he kills someone ? ? He would get away with that too, because , J Y would make sure he would really get away with that too.

    As for Marry O’Scary ( I like that name. It really fits her ) I guess you did not know that Robert was found innocent, however O;Scary Caserta — 100 percent guilty !!!!!

  2. I have always liked and respected Mary O…. until now, wtf happened?? How dare you compare Robert’s situation to Caserta. You’re old and obviously getting senile. Caserta is a Serial Sexual Predator with decades of abusing innocent children. The fact that you want to stand up for him is shameful. Shame on you Mary O. If you are of sound mind you would apologize to Robert.

    • Mary’s irrelevance can only be matched by her desperation. Imagine being judged by the Gladys Kravitz of SC.

  3. The Grizzler thinks she is a big power broker. Lookout, she will do or say anything to see the downtown revitalized in her lifetime. So naive.

    We all know Kevin Moore would do anything for money.

  4. Rowen is a looser with mental issues he tried to take down Nancy Biagini when she was running for council. He accused her of owing him money as well. Well Kevin Moore has always been the best helping people whenever he can, I have yet to see a bad side of Kevin. He just goes around town spreading love where ever he can. He too was accused of owing Rowen money. This is getting old. You have been trying to take Kevin down for several years. Just remember what comes around goes around. So far none of what Rowen posted, by the way, means shit. It’s like you Robert Hough, being accused by your wife, in the end justice won, but in reality people will now look at you with skepticism. Don’t do the same with others. If your a real journalist you will follow the story until you know the facts then you will send it to print.
    Casserta too was accused of doing things that were inappropriate. He was was never arrested and never charged. Who knows what the real story is. I don’t and I believe you don’t either.

    I think this is the last time I’m going to respond to your editorials I am eliminating you news letter. I think every time I have to respond to stupidity that’s it’s all going down a rabbit hole.

    • Mary U drunk 2 much of the bad juju koolaide. Caserta QUIT! He got caught!How
      dare U defend that creeper!

    • …This is not about the weirdo Rowen or about the 49er shill Kevin Moore. We all know that Moore has enticed and made promises to many members of the Santa Clara community, including downtown folks to support this new 49er council majority, it’s his job, he’s a lobbyist, that’s what he does and why he is a paid. “Lobbyist”, others might have another word for it.

      The issue is Santa Clara Councilmember Kevin Park. This email from his own political advisor is very damning. Why is Kevin Park, after he has been elected, attempting to secure money from the San Francisco 49ers for his own personal issues? The City has numerous law suits we are fighting brought on by the 49ers, firing the City Attorney at the request of the 49ers in the middle of defending these law suits and Park is caught asking them for money, many a politician has gone to prison for his actions.

      Don’t drink the Koolaid! This council is hurting your City!

  5. Seeing Pete Constant up close, he is morally bankrupt, imo. He is a hypocrite of the highest order.

  6. This is not a pro-Rowen or anti-Rowen issue – don’t let the smoke screen fool you. Just read the email from Reed – clear as day that Park is in some legal trouble and needs 49ers support. This is how elected act when they are circling the drain.

  7. To the Kevs, et al.

    “Your problem is you spent your whole life thinking there are rules. There aren’t. We used to be gorillas. All we had was what we could take and defend.”—Lorne Malvo, FARGO

  8. Nice try Bobby! You believe Rowen???? Dudes’ a LOSER from LOSERVILLE! KevMo is the best. No one can take credit from him for what he’s done for SC. Especially not a LOSER. No KevMo, no Niners in SC, no Super Bowl, no concerts! And KevPark rocks too! He’s a friggin scientist who knows his friggin stuff. Stick to your wrestling!!!!!

    • KevPark is a scientist in his mind thanks to Unca’ Jed’s PAC money.

      KevPark had nada chance w/o it!

      And now KevPark’s layers are peeling back.

      Truth day is acomin’ folks!

      Giddyup Bobby! Thar’s much to dissect!

  9. I see this is part of the larger problem. Why do we need political consultants if all we’re trying to do is represent our constituents? I don’t believe this is what the public wants. All this outside influence just seems to help other people in other areas and not Santa Clarans.

    Individuals political aspirations should have nothing to do with how they represent the voters.

  10. And will the FPPC want more information about this too as they investigate Park’s incomplete forms campaign forms?

    This is getting juicy!

  11. Wow, I am being pulled in unfamiliar directions. Don’t recall the last time I agreed with James Rowen, but I like what he did regardless of his motive.
    And I always had respect for Pete Constant, but he and others will learn that people like Kevin Park don’t make good bedfellows. Will he come out with a ‘clarifying’ statement? Maybe he should.
    And aren’t we all wondering what the ‘ongoing never0ending issue’ is?

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