City Council Preview: Former City Attorney Brian Doyle Wants City Council to Discuss 49ers Exec Al Guido Misleading FIFA to Bring World Cup to Levi’s Stadium

By Robert Haugh

Tomorrow’s Council meeting includes a written petition submitted by former City Attorney Brian Doyle requesting to place on a future agenda a discussion of how 49ers Exec Al Guido misled FIFA to try to bring the World Cup to Levi’s Stadium.

Here’s a preview of Doyle’s argument from an earlier column. It should be interesting to see what the 49er Five do.

Here are other items on the agenda:

  • Proclamation of United Against Hate Week 2021
  • Study Session on the City Activity to Address an Unhoused Population: California Department of Housing and Community Development’s (HCD) Project HomeKey and Provision of Basic Services for the City’s Unhoused
  • Information and Update on the Ad Hoc Committee on the Apology Letter Relating to the City’s California Voting Rights Act Litigation
  • Introduction of Ordinance to Amend Chapter 2.120, Entitled Boards and Commissions, to Update Boards and Commission Members Qualifications and Create the City’s Housing Commission and Establish the Powers, Functions, and Duties of the Commission; Direction About the Formation of a Homelessness Task Force
  • Action on Formalization of the Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee
  • Action on the Adoption and Certification of an Environmental Impact Report; Adoption of a Mitigation Monitoring or Reporting Program; and Architectural Approval of a Data Center project located at 1200-1310 Memorex Drive
  • Adopt a Resolution Approving the California Municipal Finance Authority (CMFA) Issuance of Tax-Exempt Bonds Relating to the Financing of a 59-Unit Multifamily Rental Housing Project for Low-Income Households to be Located in the City of Santa Clara, California at 3941 Stevens Creek Boulevard


  1. Why isn’t proof of being vaccinated required at 49er games ? What’s wrong with our city ? We should put every possible restriction on the unvaccinated, take away as many freedoms as allowed by law.

  2. ESPN just reported one of our city’s own and esteemed “49ers four” will be named as the 49ers head coach this week, replacing Kyle Shanahan.

    • Uh its 49er 5 but hey if Becker wants the job let him go! Any of the 49er 5 is perfect to coach! Give it up Jed!

  3. Oh man this might be perfect.
    Imagine all the different scenarios that the 49er Brain Trust were thinking about when they effectively relieved Mr. Doyle of his position as our Cities Attorney.
    They were actually so smart to list “No Reason” as the motivation to remove this dedicated Civil Servant.
    By doing so, Mr. Doyle may be legally released to discuss topics that he was no free to talk about as our Cities Attorney.
    This might be the Front Row seat I need to catch, I want so badly to be there when all this mess is brought out into the open.
    Mr Brian Doyle, count on myself and many other residents to support you in whatever way we can.
    My hope is that when this mess is cleared up, you may want to come back and represent our City again.
    It was not any of us, the residents who wanted you to leave.
    Good luck
    Burt Field.

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