49er Five Approve Evaluating Youth Soccer Park for 49ers Parking

By Robert Haugh

It’s deja vu all over again.

Last night, the 49er Five approved a recommendation by Councilman Suds Jain to evaluate using the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park for 49ers parking.

It’ll be discussed and voted on during a future City Council meeting this year.

As most Santa Clarans know, the 49ers tried to take the Youth Soccer Park in 2015. But they failed when the youth soccer community packed the Council chambers to stop them.

Looks like Jain and his four colleagues are going to replay the controversial move. The recommendation was approved 5-2.

Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal, Karen Hardy, and Kevin Park voted with Jain.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe voted against the idea.

Most Santa Claran who spoke last night blasted Jain’s move.

A few of the speakers were children who spoke at the 2015 Council meeting to defend the soccer park. They’re older and wiser now and told the Council not to trust the 49ers.

One of them was Sophia Mendoza. She said: “If you continue to give and give and give to the 49ers, all they will do is take and take and take.”

Another was Dominic Peters who said about the 49ers that “if we give them a drop of water, they will take the whole bucket.”

Robert Hines, II said about the youth soccer park: “It’s a foundation of Santa Clara and we will fight to protect it.

Almost all Santa Clara community leaders who spoke opposed Jain’s proposal to help the 49ers. 

“If approved, what is the true message that we would be teaching our children?” said Mike Walke. That big money is more important than our children.”

Santa Clara business leader Kirk Vartan pointed out that when Becker made a statement in support of Jain’s idea, Becker said, “We are not taking over the soccer fields.” To Vartan, Becker’s use of the word “we” was a clear indication that Becker sees himself aligned with the 49ers and not Santa Clarans.

This is a developing and major story.

Editor’s Note: Jain read a written, prepared statement at the beginning of the meeting criticizing Santa Clara News Online but he never said what was factually inaccurate in the brief report on Monday. Here it is again. Nothing came up last night that would cause me to change anything. But Jain can have a chance to write an op-ed to explain himself if he wants.

Councilmember Suds Jain is requesting to place an agenda item at a future Council meeting to discuss making the Youth Soccer Park Parking Lot available to the 49ers. Jain says this would be when there are no events at the Youth Soccer Park. This sounds a lot like the first step in the 49ers’ attempt to take the park years ago. Stand Up for Santa Clara was created in response and stopped the effort. Let’s see if history repeats itself.


  1. This slander needs to stop. In no way do these 5 want to give away the soccer park. The question on the city council meeting was to put a discussion on a future agenda to see if the parking space of the soccer park can be utilized during stadium events while the soccer park is not used for soccer anyway, so that the city can generate money to get us out of this massive deficit. It would be managed by the city of Santa Clara. Maybe Lisa Gilmor needs to stop being mayor and let competent people take over that will help the financial situation instead of hiring the most expensive city manager in California that even got a pay raise despite the city being in a financial deficit. Is she really worth her money?
    Just like COVID, the 49ers are here to stay with the contract that previous council members including Lisa Gilmore and Kathy Watanabe have signed off. How we are dealing with it reflects a lot on the council members, and our mayor does not set a great example.
    Some food for thought about that.
    Please stop spreading false rumors and misinformation to the people of the City of Santa Clara. Find out both sides of the story and talk to your district council member and listen to the public city council meetings. Then form your own, independent opinion.

    • I guess you like the corruption that York and his bought 49er 5 brought to Santa Clara. Real leaders stand up for their constituents not a corporate takeover that has sued their city 7 times. If your rep can’t grow a pair, get rid of them!

    • A leader that shows transparency to his people is all I need, especially one that personally calls me back when I have questions. Gilmor does not belong to those. Politics is dirty, and sadly the general population will not bother to listen to those city council meetings, but you get who you vote for, and my district council person is accountable.

    • Don’t make accusations to justify the koolaid you’re drinking.

      Recommendation. Go talk to Mayor Gillmor.

    • ur right they are here 2 stay
      but they can be gotten rid of
      just like covid
      same thing with 49er 5
      they couldn’t get elected
      w/o jed’s money and
      look where those promises
      got the city
      jed york = wolf in sheep’s clothing

  2. Dear Community,

    If you do not get answers from City Hall a Law Suite is the quickest way to get responses.

    I did it with the City of San Jose, I got answers in a heartbeat compared to how long I was first stonewalled.

    In Community Spirit,
    Danny Garza

  3. Dorothy Rosa

    I wonder how many Santa Clara residents know what is going on in their city. I know a lot of people in Santa Clara and when I tell them what is going on, regarding Jed Jork and his crooks, they are speechless. I still think that we should print out exactly what they did and are still doing, to destroy Santa Clara. Why can’t we mail it to ever house. That would be the best money that we could possibly spend. If something is not done. the voters will vote the same way. We can not just keep waiting !!!!!!!!

  4. I find it very interesting watching Anthony Becker’s video feed. What a whiny reactive b****. But of course his whole financial future is on the line, perhaps he’ll actually make six figures this year? Of course it all won’t be reportable.

    If only somebody in district 6 had a ball.

  5. Dear Community,

    There are those that laugh that – I will no longer purchase 49er items.

    That is perfectly acceptable in our Society.

    Do as you wish.

    As far as the Purchasing thing goes – I sit in Council with 5 different neighborhoods.

    I will voice my position because I am allowed to speak it.

    I will tell of the past take away attempt and the present threat to the Youth and Student Athletes.

    That is the best I can do.

    Tonight for example we meet at the Mexican Heritage Plaza.

    We represent about 68.000 residents in District 5.

    I will no longer attempt to to spend $400.00 on tickets to a 49er Game. They don’t need my money.

    It is my choice to not spend $50 Dollars and up on Food at the Game.

    I will not spend $700.00 on Personalized Jerseys for my whole Family.

    Now that is only me, others can do as they wish.

    I have control over what I purchase

    $1,150.00 is not much to the 49ers.

    Maybe another person will refrain from a 49er purchased item. That is up to them.

    The truth is, THEY MIGHT.

    That is my opinion.

    In Community Spirit,
    Danny Garza

    Plata Arroyo Neighborhood Association and Eastgate N.A.C.

    • The ballot box fer shure in November 2022 for Chahal and Hardly.

      Recall the other 49er 5! Can’t wait for 2024!!

      RECALL now!!

    • You mean voting against Those Councilmembers who campaigned for Measure J. Right?

    • Begone troll! You don’t even live in Santa Clara. What are the 49ers paying you these days to troll? They already bought you a house in SJ. 🍷🍾🥂🍻🍺🍸🍹

  6. Only person who supported this 3 million dollar idea was Jeff Houston, treasurer for jain’s campaign and funded by Jed York!

    • Steve,
      Was that the person who had a hard time talking last night to our Mayor? Felt bad for the guy, he was having a hard time even putting a two minute talk together. He made a short statement, then was asking the Mayor to take over for him, and offer some sort of rebuttal. That was in of itself uncomfortable given it was not the appropriate time for the Mayor or anyone else to speak.
      I really hope this is made more and more public.
      I know for sure the 49ers are going to have to spend a lot of money to try and confuse the voters of Santa Clara again.
      Here is a good test of what and who to vote for.
      Who / what do the 49ers support?
      Simply vote the other way.

      Measure C was so confusing, that at the end of the day, I ended up voting for what they were against. I am sure many people thought they were voting one way, but ended up voting another.
      Just like law suites, can have a benefit even if you loose, so can confusion and misdirection. Remember they have two things most of us do not have. Money and time.

      Good question.
      Why would anyone trust someone or something that has already proven to be a habitual lier and cheat? I love the fact that none of the “49er 5” ever addressed the active law suits that are currently being thrown at our own City, and all the one’s previous that the 49ers have already lost.
      Was that mentioned…. oh yeah numerous times. Did any of them pick up on that…. Nope.

      They also just removed our City Attorney..hum, wonder why?

      So how can we engage with a company over anything, even as simple as a parking agreement, when they just failed to pay, and refuse to pay over $800,000 on the last year Santa Clara allowed them to use the Golf Course to park on. Also at the very same time, they have also now sued Santa Clara for $1,000,000 dollars over that very same last year parking agreement. For what, I have no idea. But that does not matter. It buys them time.
      So these “49er 5” are asking us to open up a new agreement for what Mr. Jain says could be a whopping $60K. All of which we could use to feed the Homeless, abandoned puppies, unwed Mothers, or any other group that will hit the heart strings.
      How about asking the 49ers to pay the $800,000 and drop another lawsuit?

      Here is what we need to do right now.
      Recall the last three that just got purchased. Then Do not Re-Elect the two appointed during the Measure C fiasco.
      Where they have time and money, we have VOTES.
      By the way, they are also trying to get rid of the ability to elect our own Police Chief, hum, wonder why?

      Remember if the 49er (5) are for it, I am against it.
      Burt Field

    • William, thanks for the laugh.
      J. Byron Fleck… did I spell this correct? Is this proper use of the English language? Did I confuse you in any way?
      Seriously, get a life, I don’t care if the 49ers are paying you something, you were better than this when I knew you.
      Santa Clara is drowning and you want to describe the water to me. I knew the water was, wet, and deep. Just didn’t fully understand the current I was jumping into years ago. So you can save the swim lessons for someone else. What we need right now is a life boat / vest or something that will help our City.
      By the way, you should know better than anyone what we are up against, and shame on you if you have really sold out.
      Hopefully it is a good sum of money. Hate to see you go cheap.

      Burt Field

    • Hi Byron, I noticed you are a stickler for grammar and spelling. I couldn’t help but notice in one of your previous posts here that you incorrectly capitalized “Those”.

      “You mean voting against Those Councilmembers who campaigned for Measure J.”

      What a dumb game to play, right?

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