Santa Clara County Has List of Individuals and Businesses Who Are Owed a Total of $500,000, See If You’re On It

By Robert Haugh

The County of Santa Clara published a list of 676 individuals and businesses who are potential owners of almost $500,000.

It’s a list of those who have deposits in the County’s General Collections Trust Funds for a period of greater than three years.

In a press release, the County said the following:

It collects public assistance overpayments, fines, fees, penalty assessments, and restitution due to victims of crime ordered by County departments and the Superior Court of California. The unclaimed monies come from overpayments, duplicate payments, adjustment of charges, payments to victims who cannot be located, victims who refused the monies, are out of business, and a variety of other reasons.

The department made attempts to locate the payees without success. Some of these monies have been in the County’s trust funds for more than 10 years despite continued efforts to refund the owners. The department received no acknowledgment, letters were returned, checks remained uncashed, or payees refused the funds.

If you’re on the list, you must file a claim by March 14, 2022. 

Here’s where to find the list of names and claim forms:

Here’s a challenge to Santa Clara News Online readers: One well-known Santa Clara “business” is owed $1,082.02. The first person who finds it and responds will get a special prize.


  1. Dang missed it….I too was going to say that it is Santa Clara University that is owed $1,082.02.

  2. Yeah, they really try to find these companies, right?
    Amount Name
    40,717.50 Total Peripherals
    21,450.00 Cole Dennison Lucas, Jr.
    20,705.00 Mcafee Co.
    17,302.40 Merrill Lynch-Cash Management Security
    400.00 A T And T
    685.56 AAA Ins. Co
    15.83 AAA Insurance
    176.00 Banana Republic
    1,795.02 Bank Of America

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