BREAKING: Santa Clara Settles 49ers Lawsuit for $400,000 Less Than Team Owed the City in Parking Revenue

By Robert Haugh

The City of Santa Clara was owed approximately $750,000 from the 49ers. But the team refused to pay and sued the City in 2018.

According to reports, the City is settling for $325,000. It looks like a gift of public funds.

We reported two weeks ago that a settlement was in the works. This happened after a jury trial was set for the end of this month.

Local attorneys estimated that the City’s attorney fees would be around $300,000.  

If that’s accurate, the City might be getting attorneys’ fees only.  Wow.

This is a case that former City Attorney Brian Doyle cited as a strong and winnable one for the City.

It looks like the 49er-friendly City Council is letting the team walk away from the parking revenue owed to Santa Clara.  That totals about $1 million if you include attorneys’ fees.

Last year, 49ers owner Jed York spent $3 million to elect new Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park.

They are now part of the pro-49er Council majority with Raj Chahal and Karen Hardy. They’re known as the “49er Five.” They meet with the team regularly, but won’t share information with City staff about those meetings.

You can read all the court documents here. It’s case number 18CV326430.


  1. Look at Suds using his big words!!

    Merriam Webster



    Definition of intrepid

    : characterized by resolute fearlessness, fortitude, and endurance

    Suds saying nice things about Robert !!
    😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣Go away Suds. No one likes you

  2. Santa Clara needs a recall election for city council members, and find a way to remove the overpaid, unremarkable city manager. As a lifelong resident this group is the worst I’ve seen. Thank God for the mayor and Kathy, our only bright spots

  3. Interestingly enough, the City offered to settle for $500K when Brian Doyle was City Attorney. So given that $500K is less than $750K, even Brian Doyle was offering a “gift of public funds” according to our intrepid blogger. BUT it turns out legal settlements are pretty much never “gifts of public funds”. It seems that some people in the City never want to settle and sometimes that ends up costing the City millions, including $1.5 million to the City’s CVRA attorney.

    • STFU Suds no one wants to hear anything you have to say you’re a proven liar and a lobbyist for the 49ers. It makes me sick that you’re my District 5 representative you are a POS can’t be trusted liar and 49er lobbyist. You don’t care about Santa Clarans. You will be voted out asap. It’s a sad day when our city council members are on local blogs whining. Thanks to Suds its Goodbye Santa Clara Hello Yorkville

    • 3 school board members just recalled in SanFran! overwhelming majority.
      Santa Clarans we can do same!

    • Such a statesman! Tell that garbage to 49ers. Tell them to stop their frivolous – you know what that means – lawsuits and save the City from legal fees! Who’s side are you on anyway? Definitely not your City’s!

    • Council member Becker must be happy everyone is hating on Jain today. Takes the spotlight off him for a few minutes.

    • Suds – So you’re citing Brian Doyle as an example of a credible action? The same guy you fired allegedly for job performance and then follow his lead? This is not leadership.

  4. This is so bad… seems like I have been saying that a lot since the last election.
    So they owed us $700K +++. It was a 3 year deal, the first two went as planned. The 49ers used our Golf Course, charged their fans to park their cars, made money, and we made money.
    I think that’s the way business deals are suppose to go, right?
    So what changed on the 3rd year?
    I guess somehow it didn’t work out for them, or they felt they didn’t have to pay us anymore given the Golf Course was no longer going to be available to be used for future parking purpose.

    So they still got to keep the money collected (Which is a very good sum of money). They still decided not to pay us ($700K+++). Then to top it off, to buy some more time, they decided to sue us for some reason or another, that much is fact.
    Now after all of this, the best we can do is offer them a discount? This was a winnable case if I ever saw one. Oh… that’s right, the “49er 5” just fired our City Attorney, sorry almost forgot that part.

    This is a gift of Public Funds for sure.

    But wait there is more to come…

    “Poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be King. King ain’t satisfied until he rules everything”.

    Actually Bruce Springsteen wrote that back in 1978, great song, still rings true. Sucks that this is where I live.

    For a small sum of $3 Million dollars he has his “puppets” in place.
    I am sorry for such a disparaging comment aimed at puppets. Even real puppets with no brains have more sense than these wanna be politicians.
    Just like leches, these 5 are happy sucking the blood (Blood is time, money and energy) right out of our City, but now we can also put a price tag on it.
    We just gave back a huge chunk of change for no good reason????
    Sucks to live here right now. We can make a difference. If you have not registered to vote, please do so right away.
    if the 49ers are for it, (Must be bad, vote against it)
    If the 49ers support it, (Must be bad, vote against it)
    If the 49ers are against it, (Must be good, vote for it)

    Wake up Santa Clara
    Wake up please.
    Burt Field

  5. There was a time when Raj would champion these types of issues for Santa Clara. He would spend an extraordinary amount of time trying to make his point which was hard to understand. Now he sides with Jed. I wonder what he is getting in return.

  6. Didn’t you write bout attys fees before? Maybe $300k?

    This BS amount of $325k doesn’t cover what is owed to City!

    Or attys fees!!

    City is getting stiffed by a $4B company!

    City deserves contracted amount not bargain basement settlements!

  7. $300k for a city with an annual budget of over $1 billion – who cares! The city managers cost of living increase was more than that.

  8. Hey maybe we don’t need a City Attorney! These 49er five are doing a bang up job negotiating on our behalf.

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