City Council Preview: Resolution Supporting FIFA Proposed by Karen Hardy and Supported by 49er Facebook Group Through Auto-Generated Letters

By Robert Haugh

Tonight’s Santa Clara City Council meeting has a long agenda.

Councilwoman Karen Hardy requested a Resolution to Support the Bid to FIFA for the 2026 World Cup and Related Events.

Interestingly, the Mayor and Council reportedly received over 250 emails supporting the FIFA bid – but most came in prior to the item being published on the agenda, which was posted on Friday. Hmm.

The letters were dated as early as Tuesday. Most of them have the same domain extension. It looks like a fake grassroots campaign using auto-generated letters through a 49ers Facebook group.

Here’s are other items for the regular session:

  • Verbal Report from City Manager regarding COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Verbal Report Update from City Manager Regarding the Local Drought Emergency
  • Adopt a Resolution Calling and Giving Notice of a Special Municipal Election to be Held on Tuesday, June 7, 2022 for a Vote on One Ballot Measure that, if Passed, Would Amend Sections 600, 700.1, and 700.2 of the Santa Clara City Charter; Requesting the Consolidation of the Special Municipal Election with the Statewide Direct Primary Election to be Held in Santa Clara County on June 7, 2022.
  • Presentation and Potential Action on Levi’s Stadium Marketing Plan Assessments.
  • Action on a Written Petition Submitted by Ana Vargas-Smith Requesting to Place an Agenda Item at a Future Council Meeting to Request from Council Monetary Assistance to Cover the Costs of City Services in support of Santa Clara Parade of Champions for a minimum amount of $65,000, and an additional $950 to Cover the Cost of SCUSD Facilitron Park.


  1. Robert, did you use the wrong term when you said domain extension? Because that refers to “dot com” or “dot org” or “dot edu”.

    I’m assuming you meant something else.

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