Jed York Violates Santa Clara Lobbyist Ordinance Pushing FIFA Resolution in Ads Capturing Santa Clarans Data

By Robert Haugh

Last night during the City Council discussion, we learned that 49ers owner Jed York violated Santa Clara’s lobbyist ordinance.

According to City Clerk Hosam Haggag, York has spent at least $20,000 in ads for “Santa Clara Now” to get the Council to support a FIFA World Cup bid for 2026. York has not registered, even though it’s a legal requirement. Wow.

49ers CEO Jed York

Haggag spoke up at the meeting, after Councilmembers referenced letters they’ve received supporting the bid.  As readers of this site know, those letters were auto-generated. They came from a group that no one in town has heard of until they started posting Facebook ads recently.

Stand Up for Santa Clara created it’s own Facebook post that warns Mission City residents that York is capturing their personal information.

Last night, we also learned that 49ers president Al Guido has a major conflict of interest. According to City staff, Guido has signed the FIFA bid documents as “Chair” of the 49er Stadium Management Committee. But there’s no such role.

Guido is also the Chair of the Bay Area Host Committee. That’s the group that’s negotiating to bring the World Cup to Levi’s Stadium. So Guido is negotiating with himself. That’s a legal no-no and a double wow.

Councilwoman Karen Hardy is leading the Council effort on this issue. Last night, she called in from Disneyland just for the FIFA item.

But she couldn’t answer any questions presented by City staff about bid details or Guido’s conflict of interest.

Last November, Hardy presented the FIFA resolution and was asked about details then. That’s when she had a “deer in the headlights” look. Hardy still hasn’t done her homework on an important item.  That deserves a triple wow.

The Council did pass a resolution supporting the bid, 6-0. Vice Mayor Suds Jain was absent.

For the resolution, Mayor Lisa Gillmor asked that a copy of Measure J be attached. That’s the 2010 measure that ensures that Mission City taxpayers won’t pay for stadium expenses.

Gillmor mentioned how Measure J has helped Santa Clara with other major events. In 2016 for the Super Bowl, Santa Clara got reimbursed for all expenses associated with the game. Other cities like San Francisco got stuck paying a $5 million bill.


  1. Listening to Chahal and Becker is so painful. Chahal is constantly yelling and bickering. Becker unintelligent and uneducated statements is beyond embarrassing. When the Mayor asked to attach the Measure J language to the motion, Becker threw a hissy fit. The Mayor was I my trying to protect the taxpayers pockets.

    When city departments are looking for ways to be fiscally responsible…Becker wants to spend $1000s on labor and material to make our crosswalks gevcolor of fruit loops. Sorry Becker…there’s CA am laws that require public traffic markers to be a certain size and color. Can’t wait for the family of a dead pedestrian to sue the city for illegally painted crosswalks, because the driver didn’t know. Go paint your driveway on your own dime.

    Why haven’t Hardy Chahal Becker and Jains been recalled yet? Are there any grass roots movements leading this effort?

    This CMO is running the city like a business. As she should. At the Council Priority meeting, she was 100% accurate with the councils’ behavior and the lack of respect for the workforce and diminished capacity hours. Unit 9 did not just speak for their members, they spoke for all city employees. We all feel the Council are unprofessional and has no respect for any city worker. I know of many city workers who have left to private industries when they are no where close to retirement eligibility. There are more to come.

    We’d be much more efficient if the Council was voted out. Hardy bugs me the most….all she does is 2nd motions. She does nothing else.

  2. Just when you think you have heard it all you haven’t.

    How apropos Karen called in from Disneyland since the Council majority are nothing but smoke and mirrors.

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