Jed York is Financing Facebook Ads for Santa Clara Now to Influence Santa Clara, Again

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara Now is a recently created Facebook page that no one knows anything about.

Well, we do know one thing. 49ers CEO Jed York is behind it.

49ers CEO Jed York with disgraced former Santa Clara Councilmember Dominic Caserta. Mercury News photo.

That was revealed during a February City Council meeting when Santa Clara Now bought ads to influence the City Council on bidding for the FIFA World Cup.

Because of that disclosure, York was forced to register as a lobbyist in Santa Clara.

We’ve gotten complaints from some of our readers that Santa Clara Now is making negative polling calls in the Mission City.  

(Note to readers: We’re collecting info. So write down or record any questions from calls you’re getting and send them in).

So far Santa Clara Now has spent over $42,000 on ads. Wow. 

That’s a lot of Facebook ads.

It’s not the first time,York has spent tons of money to influence Santa Clara politics and decisions.

In 2016, York was reportedly behind the scandalous dark money group BluPac. York’s right hand man on political matters, Al Guido pretty much confirmed that to the media.

BluPac was unsuccessful in their effort to take over the City Council that year. They also made a lot of mistakes and got fined by both the City and the FPPC.

Then four years later, York succeeded in taking over the City Council. He spent $3 million to elect Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park.

The three candidates were a combined 0-6 in Santa Clara races before York opened his wallet for them.

Since joining the Council, Becker, Jain and Park have repaid York with major stadium decision involving money.

With Councilmembers Karen Hardy and Raj Chahal they’ve become the 49er Five.

The majority has supported every 49ers request since they’ve been in office regarding stadium issues and money, including Santa Clara tax dollars. 

The total runs into multiple millions of dollars, and counting.

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