Santa Clara City Council Meeting Canceled Because There’s No City Manager, Annual Priorities Won’t be Set

By Robert Haugh

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse …

Today’s Santa Clara City Council Priority Setting Meeting has been canceled.  That’s right, it was canceled. 

Most of the items on the agenda required a City Manager and the 49er “Four” fired Deanna Santana last week.

But an emergency meeting has been called for tonight to hire an attorney according to a City Notice that went out yesterday.

The notice did not say City Attorney. That’s right, we still don’t have one since Brian Doyle was also fired without cause at the end of October, 2021.

So this must be for an attorney to help the Council deal with Santana’s dismissal.

If you watched the meeting or read news stories about the Council’s actions last week, you’re probably scratching your head. 

Wasn’t that what Assistant City Attorney Su Reuter suggested the Council do before taking action against Santana? Yup. Wow.

But the 49er Four did not listen to Reuter before taking action. Now, they’re doing it afterward. Double wow.

For those in the community writing that Santa Clara is in chaos thanks to the 49er Four, it’s hard to argue.


  1. Sad to see how you can buy a City Council to do your dirty work for $3M. Jed York owns 49’ers that is worth $4B. Buying these 4 council members to legislate for his special interest is good business for jed york but pure corruption for the citizens of Santa Clara. We love 49’ers but cannot allow corruption spread by Jed York or his types in the Silicon Valley. We are smarter than these spoiled rich brats who think that they can fool people and buy their way out

    • Jimmy totally agree with every statement, except one.
      Not sure of the four you are thinking of, but let me spell out for you who I believe the five are.

      1. Hardy
      2. Chahal
      3. Park
      4. Jain
      5. Becker

      No matter what they say or how they spin this, their actions and voting record are public.
      Removing our City Attorney and City Manager for “no cause”, or “lack of confidence”, are not qualified reasons to let any employee go?
      Then to top it off, they have no plan in place. So what do you have…chaos.
      If that was the goal… congratulation you have achieved your goal.
      If draining our City of Millions, congratulations you have most likely achieved that goal as well.
      Brian Doyle and Deanna Santana at some point will be bringing this back to our doorstep.
      So say what you want about either of those two Dedicated City Employees….. I don’t care. How they were treated is where I am seriously concerned.

      As I have stated, the 49er Five are not my friend, they are not my neighbor, they do not, or will ever represent me.
      Their actions have been reprehensible at best.
      And when the best I can say about someone is the term reprehensible….
      I don’t need to say much more.

      Burt Field

  2. When someone buys a council for $3 million they are totally illegitimate! Get rid of Da bums!

  3. City staff are stating that last Thursday was like a Salem Witch Trial. Keep in mind that she regarded as a high high performing and well-liked Latina city manager. Have you noticed the Caucasian City Attorney was handled behind closed doors without an equal public hearing and let go with dignity and professionalism while the Council $h’! itself in public to make it a big circus? So much for diversity in Santa Clara.

  4. We currently have a dysfunctional City. We currently we have a lot of pissed off people.

    I am so proud to say, I know a lot of people in our Valley where a person’s word is still more valuable than a bank statement.

    We have recourse, we have good options.

    Burt Field

    • 58% of Santa Clara residents voted that this is what they want. They knew what they were voting for and got what they wanted. No crying.

    • Voters were sold a bill of goods by Jed boy! Time to get rid of the snake oil salesmen!

  5. They don’t need a Council Priority Setting Meeting to set their next 49er priority – Take over control of the soccer field.

  6. Anthony Becker’s impulsive actions are putting the city at risk. It is obvious that Becker is intellectually deficient to serve as a councilperson. Becker and his teammates ( Park, Jain, Chahal and Hardy) really should have taken Su Reuter’s legal advice. They ( the Five Manchurian Candidates, 49ers Five, Jeb’s Five Puppets) might want to start preparing for future depositions.

    • So do tell, counselor, on what case? Cause of action?
      And your name is….? I shared mine

    • I made it. J. Bryon Fleck responded to my comments. I feel special. My name is Free Dominic Casetra.

  7. Good job Jed 5. You must have let Becker plan this one. It’s that stupid.

  8. When they fired Brian it was easy to see they would fire the city mgr next.
    Also easy to see they would get even less done (if that’s possible) after firing the city mgr which is what I said at the time.
    Hard to take credit for stating the obvious.
    If they had a hard time finding a city atty after firing the last one do they think they can find one now after firing the city mgr also?
    Good luck you fools.
    We don’t have a ship of state, we have a ship of fools. I can see someone sticking around just to see what dumb shit thing they do next.

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