Santa Clara City Council Update: Karen Hardy Appointed to Find Attorney, Has No Experience With Attorney Selection

By Robert Haugh

Last night, the Santa Clara City Council met in closed session. Afterward, they reported that Councilwoman Karen Hardy will be in charge of finding an attorney to help them.

Before the firing of City Manager Deanna Santana, Assistant City Attorney Su Reuter recommended to the City Council that they hire an attorney. That way they could make sure they acted legally and not put the City at jeopardy.

Santa Clara has been without a City Attorney for over five months since former City Attorney Brian Doyle was dismissed without cause.

But the 49er Four did not listen.

Hardy plus Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Raj Chahal and Kevin Park voted to dismiss Santana without an attorney to help them.

Now they’re looking for one after the fact. Wow.

Hardy has never been involved in a city attorney search before. So it should be interesting to see how she does. 

Recently, Hardy took the initiative to push for a resolution to FIFA to support a World Cup bid.

But Hardy couldn’t answer questions at two different Council meetings about any details of the bid and looked “like a deer in the headlights” to some observers.

Let’s hope Hardy actually does her homework with the attorney search.

Councilwoman Karen Hardy, former City Attorney Brian Doyle and 49ers CEO Al Guido.


  1. JB will be quiet for a while as he makes the most out of happy hour. Another drunk attorney. How else could he live himself.

  2. These posts are hilarious! No one posts their real name? Lol! Look. There is no one who does/can question Councilmember Hardy’s ethics nor intelligence. If you do, please post your real name (what are u hiding? Lol!) . So, do it!

    • Because he doesn’t like you!
      Because you’re a bully!
      Because the 49ers bought
      You a house during Measre J
      To get you out of Santa Clara.
      Because you can’t hold a job.
      Don’t take your problems out
      On people because they are
      Expressing themselves. You.

    • Byron, ..
      Earlier today I logged in and you had 9 of the last 10 comments.
      That’s not easy to do.
      As I read your comments, they were basically the same comment, just over and over again.

      Sarcastic humor is normal for me, so my fear is you may think I am trying to be funny or cute. Right now, I can guarantee you I am not trying to be either.
      My question, right now is simple. Are you OK?
      If you need anything, or you just want to talk for a bit, you have my number, give me a call.
      I promise I will pick up and we can touch base.

      Burt Field

    • Haha! All good on this side. You? It seems that, given posts are overwhelmingly trolls/bots on this site, it obviously diminishes the site’s credibility. No? I was just asking posters to post their name. Seems only you, me couple of others do that. Weird. What not post name?

  3. No City Manager + No City Attorney = Santa Clara’s ” New” Governance Model

  4. Just ask York
    Karen can‘t find her way home and now she is to find City attorney, what a joke. Quit wasting time and just ask Jed York who he wants. He is now running the city.

  5. Uh hi quick question is Karen the Mayor?
    Should mayor Gillmor be person handling
    this? What happened?

    • No. Per city charter, the mayor just runs meetings. You know that. Right? Lol!

  6. “He who controls the Fools Gold controls the Fools.”

    Yes, right here in Yorkville with Jed and his 5 Toadies.

    • 58% of Santa Clara residents voted that was the outcome they wanted. Problem? We’re 58% of Santa Clara residents wrong? Do tell.

  7. They can’t even internally hire a city attorney? How are they supposed to get one externally, especially with the bad reputation and culture the 49er Five have created for and in City Hall? They are not knowledgable in how to run a city. Hell, Becker can’t even keep up with the measures and Hardy can’t even keep her eyes open during meetings! We are already seeing the repercussions of their actions (cancelled meetings due to lack of staff — who they fired WITHOUT cause). They should have gotten legal counsel before they fired the CM, they have made the city and themselves extremely liable to multiple lawsuits.

  8. Wow, Karen Hardy finding a new city attorney is like Becker finding a neurosurgeon. Not one qualification!!!

    We are in good shape now. I’m sure Jed has some ideas. The inmates are running the asylum.

  9. Hey Karen, there’s a 49er toady running around here that is supposed to be an atty, maybe you can get him cheap. I think his name is BJ something. And as mentioned, it seems he is a supporter of all things that damage Santa Clara so he would fit right in with jed’s team.

    • If you were referencing me, you must have also known that I was founding member/attorney for opposing subsidy to billionaire owners of 49ers. Gillmor and Watabne led support for subsidy, and 58% of Santa Clara voters agreed!. Santa Clara residents got what they wanted.

  10. Inmates running asylum. They need to be put in straight jackets thrown in padded room and throw away the key.

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