49ers Will Generate $68 Million in Revenue at Stadium and Pay Zero To City’s General Fund

By Robert Haugh

Last night, the City Council met as the Stadium Authority Board and reviewed the FY 2022/23 Levi’s stadium budget.

The budget shows total expected revenues to be over $68 million. The total expenses offset the revenues and are also over $68 million.

But there will be zero dollars coming back to the general fund. Wow.

Here’s the list of major expense categories that City staff prepared, highlighting the zero.

Alex Acton, Manager of Finance for the 49ers, called in and gave a presentation on the stadium budget as well.

Acton’s report confirmed the City’s staff report that zero dollars will be coming back to the City’s general fund. Here’s Acton’s “operating expenses” slide:

Maybe the campaign that’s recalling three Councilmembers can recall the 49ers as stadium operators, too.


  1. Deanna making too much money, and her getting fired for no reason are two different things. Remember that the official reason given for letting her go was: “lack of confidence.” That is BS in my opinion. They couldn’t find a real reason? I hope she sues the city, and I hope she wins, and I hope the 49er 5 get bounced out of the council onto their collective tuchuses as soon as possible for each one of them. Each of them should be sued for malfeasance too. And *that* is a real reason.

  2. Imagine Anthony Becker being your boss? Your brain cells will have a fast death. Good luck finding a City Manager.

  3. Maybe you should all think about not recalling the three council members who absolutely did the right thing by voting to terminate the City Manager of Santa Clara, Deanna Santana. Deanna made a lot of bad decisions, I’m sure this is just one more. It would be a better decision moving forward to hire a City Manager that improved on the decisions made for all the residents and businesses of Santa Clara, why should the 49ers Stadium be exempt?

    • Really Brenda? What bad decisions did Deanna make? She made decisions to hold 49ers stadium accountable. That’s not a bad decision. Same thing for Brian Doyle. He made decisions to hold 49ers stadium accountable.

  4. Robert
    I think you read my mind. In the beginning ,,after the 49ers paid their rent, they came to city council and asked Mayor Gillmor to lower their rent. I could not believe it. I was sitting there and everyone was staring at each other. When I read about Tuesday’s meeting , That popped in my head.
    Maybe it is time to raise their rent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Does the city of Santa Clara receive an admission tax from the stadium ? In Seattle an admission tax is added to the ticket price that attendees pay to enter entertainment and sports venues. The Seattle admission tax rate is 5%. The tax is applied to the full admission charge. If we are not receiving something similar, then we need to make it happen.

    • There’s a ticket fee(s) for each event.
      Maybe it’s time to increase these.

  6. 49er 5 Collusion scheme
    The definition of collusion: secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, in order to cheat or deceive others.
    * illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit.
    The 49 we 5 is in collusion to dismiss all pending lawsuits with the 49ers. They already started with the golf course parking. Any council person that votes on dismissing any other 49er lawsuits should be brought up to the DA for collusion against the people of Sant Clara. Any other pending lawsuit should be resolved in court of law. To the 49er 5, I hear there is available space in San Quentin!

    • I have not seen any thing positive come from these 49er vs city santa clara. Most of them make a bad situation worse. In general the law suits arise because the stadium authority takes a position that the 49ers disagree with. At some point the only option is to di s cuss in front of a judge.
      How many law suits are not in response to SA action?

  7. Hey, I voted against this boondoggle. And I’m still proud to say that. If the stadium had been voted down originally, we wouldn’t have the “49er five” making poor decisions that affect our city negatively too. Just sayin’.

    • Kevin, I agree, sadly there is no reset button that I have been able to find. Trust me I have looked!
      Together Santa Clara residents can fix this.
      I am a firm believer that good stuff can come out of really bad situations.

      Burt Field

    • How’s recall going? All set to go with FPPC? Presume you have. What’s name of Committee?

    • Mr. Fleck, are you drunk again? I hear that you are an attorney and a Penn State grad, but please check your grammar, sentence structure and alcohol level prior to any future posts.

    • Is there any way you could be recalled 2? Weren’t you a planning commissioner? Is there anything that can be used to lock you up with the rest?

    • Maybe you should worry about San Jose politics since that’s where you live.

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