49ers Want to Replace Levi’s Stadium Sign and Want Santa Clara Taxpayers to Pay A Potential $1.3 Million

By Robert Haugh

We learned during Tuesday’s Stadium Authority meeting that the 49ers want to replace the Levi’s Stadium sign.

The team wants the Stadium Authority to pay for it. It’s estimated to cost $1.3 million. 

That’s money that could potentially go to the City’s general fund. So that means Santa Clara taxpayers would be paying for a new Levi’s Stadium sign.

We also learned on Tuesday that the 49ers aren’t planning on paying any money to the City’s general fund. Zero. Yup. Just a coincidence.

Here’s the problem. The naming rights agreement says that the “Naming Rights Sponsor” is responsible for replacing the sign. 

Here’s another problem. Levi Strauss & Company hasn’t requested the sign be changed.

That’s according to the answer Assistant City Attorney Sue Reuter gave Mayor Lisa Gillmor Tuesday night. Wow.

But at the Tuesday night meeting, Councilmen Anthony Becker and Kevin Park were pushing hard for the public to pay for a new sign.

According to a local attorney who reviewed the City staff report, it would be a gift of public funds to Levi Strauss & Company and the 49ers.  

And you could argue that it violates Measure J. That’s the initiative that Santa Clara voters passed promising that no City general fund revenue would go to the stadium.

If this happens, it will be added to a long list of things the 49ers have gotten from Santa Clara since the 49er Five took over.

According to some people who are keeping track, the list of costs to the taxpayers is already over $3 million.

And that’s a key number in the city of Santa Clara. 


  1. EVIDENCE! There you go!

    With all of the help parents, kids, the elderly and small company owners and more need after Covid’s damage, which isn’t OVER yet, The Jed York 5 decide it’s better to buy a new sign for Levi’s Stadium.


    You have clearly enough evidence for recall. However, there is more too this. Jed York is no genius, but he has a high enough intelligence to know who to “BUY”! And the ones he bought who are bowing to his requests so absolutely are average intelligence at best. And that is because, if they were SMART enough to know he is controlling them, they would never have allowed this to happen. And the ones he did not pay, but stick with the few he did don’t even seem to know what they’re doing.

    Yes. Honest EDUCATION is such a wonderful thing because some people just don’t understand their city is being harmed by the majority of their City Council!

  2. Becker will go to any length to keep his stash stocked. How else is he going to support his constant indulgence.

  3. This should be line #1 for the Becker recall.

    “Gave the 49ers a new $1.3 million sign. And guess who paid for it? You!!”

    • The contract says Levi’s pays for sign.
      I don’t hear the sponsor yelling or
      demanding the sign be replaced.
      Tuesday meeting was once again
      enlightening. $10K for an agmt to
      make events at stadium better so
      Santa Clara will get some doh-ray-mi.
      Jed’s clowns say no. Amazing it was
      a 4-3 vote. Is Suds throwing a vote or
      is the lightbulb actually coming on?

  4. Wow, Becker and Park are really fighting hard for a new 49er sign. What a joke. They do not give a ____ what the sign looks like. This proves what we have been saying right along. They are giving Jed York what he wants, not what they want. Wake up people !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Howard, I love your humor. When I made my last, “To Do” list I failed to mention anything about stadium signage.
      Total oversight on my part. What was I thinking?
      So let me amend what I perceive their (49er 5)” working list to be.
      After my previous
      99. Insert head into “Rear End”
      now insert
      100. Remove head from “Rear End” and take another breath.
      101. Insert head into “Rear End” again.
      102. Propose the Residents pay $1.3 Million for Stadium Name Sign upgrade / replacement
      103. Do not to smile or say Thank You.
      104. We are entitled
      105 We are gifted
      106. We are special
      107. We are loved
      108. We are highly intelligent
      109. We will all be Re-Elected
      110. Remind the residents to kiss the very ground we walk on.
      111. Proclaim loudly, “Let them eat cake”.

      Sorry, this list is fluid. At no point does it ever remind the “49er 5” to blink, or go to the bathroom. I am surprised that they can manage so much with so little collective independent brain power between all of them.

      Burt Field

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