Santa Clara City Council Meeting Agenda Buries $670,000 Levi’s Sign Repair on Consent Calendar

By Robert Haugh

Tonight’s Santa Clara City Council meeting has several financial requests from the 49ers.

They’re all buried in the consent calendar of the agenda. Those are routine items usually approved in one motion with no public engagement or discussion. 

One of the items is extending the contract for Levi’s signage “interim repairs” to $670,000. This is for repairs to a Levi’s sign.

The 49ers have an existing agreement with Bear Electrical Solutions, Inc. for Maintenance and Repairs, but it has a Not to Exceed limit of $250,000 per year.

They are proposing a budget amount of $420,000 will cover the cost of the “approved interim repairs as part of the FY 22/23 SCSA Capital Expenditure Project titled Levi’s Naming Rights Existing Signage Lighting and Driver Repair Project.” 

So the yearly fees increase from $250,000 to $670,000. Wow. 

Last month, we found out that the 49ers want to replace the Levi’s Stadium sign.

And the team wanted the Stadium Authority to pay for it. It’s estimated to cost $1.3 million. 

That’s money that could potentially go to the City’s general fund. So that means Santa Clara taxpayers would be paying for a new Levi’s Stadium sign.

Councilmen Anthony Becker and Kevin Park were pushing hard for the public to pay for a new sign even though that’s the responsibility of the Levi Strauss company.

Earlier this month, Levi Strauss CEO Chip Bergh reported the company made $1.59 billion in revenue from December to February. They beat analysts’ estimates.

They shouldn’t have trouble paying for their sign. 

Let’s hope this isn’t a gift of public funds or skinny jeans for a certain NFL team owner

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  1. They are just following the money. That’s the only source of their power. A couple of loser thieves.

    I never expected much from Becker, we all know he’s trash. But Kevin Park has got to be the biggest sellout of all.

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