Santa Clara May Get Rid of Annual Clean Up Campaign

By Robert Haugh

It’s a popular and helpful Santa Clara tradition. 

But the City is now studying alternatives to the Annual Cleanup Campaign and may get rid of it.

It’s an idea that Councilwoman Karen Hardy has been pushing since she was first elected four years ago.

The City has sent out invites for “virtual community meetings aimed at identifying potential alternatives to the Annual Cleanup Campaign.”

According to City staff, they have reviewed how other neighboring cities get rid of bulky items for residential customers. They’ll present key findings and a list of potential alternatives.

Hardy has not confirmed her participation in the virtual meetings.

Here are virtual meeting dates and times:

  • Wednesday, April 20 at 3 p.m.
    Zoom Meeting Link
    Meeting ID: 898 1016 2603
    Phone: 669-900-6833 or 888-475-4499 (Toll Free)
  • Wednesday, April 20 at 6 p.m.
    Zoom Meeting Link
    Meeting ID: 891 4371 3882
    Phone: 669-900-6833 or 888-475-4499 (Toll Free)
  • Monday, April 25 at 6 p.m.
    Zoom Meeting Link
    Meeting ID: 811 7773 9595
    Phone: 669-900-6833 or 888-475-4499 (Toll Free)

For questions regarding the virtual community meetings, email:


  1. The reason these 49er 5 want to do away with this is because they want to take their jobs from part time to full time and give themself a big fat raise! York probably told them to do this. Get rid of these people in November! VOTE THEM OUT!!

    • We are paying for this program as it is a separate item on the utility bill. They are not doing us any favor.

  2. Why on earth would we get rid of the clean up campaign?? Another sad and completely out of touch move by Karen Hardy and a total shame to even be considered by our current city council.

    When I talk about how great Santa Clara is, this event is one of my top 10 highlights. Does Karen Hardy even live in Santa Clara? Has she ever tried strolling around her block during the campaign, connecting with neighbors, and turning their trash into a wonderful treasure??

    I have met countless neighbors and sparked great, lasting relationships with them over a conversation about their “junk”. This event is far more than a “Annual Clean Up Campaign”, it’s an annual opportunity to connect with neighbors and strengthen our community.

    Certain members of our current city council are trying to erode and destroy everything that makes Santa Clara great. Make a choice and vote them OUT. It’s time to elect community members that actually care about their constituents quality of life.

  3. The City of Santa Clara needs this annual cleanup campaign to prevent the build up of clutter, fire hazards, and eyesores. People need help clearing out large trash items — but also to be able to recycle stuff they cannot haul away themselves; other neighbors will find some of their discards useful, and claim them once things are set by the curb.

    • So funny that Santa Clara needs to have a bulky pickup week or the city will look undesirable. Says a lot about the people that live in Santa Clara. The city of trash hoarders.

  4. there are some parts of the city that don’t have this fantastic benefit for our residents. the city and karen hardy need to hear how great this program is and how it can be improved. karen is on another planet as usual.

  5. Hardy will be gone in November. Let’s make sure we vote her out. From what I can tell she is useless.

    • Hardy sleeps during every council meeting, just barely waking up to vote. Useless would be an upgrade for her.

  6. Dear Karen, what is the reason for getting rid of the Clean-up Campaign?
    -It helps keep our city cleaner
    -it recycles what may otherwise end up in our landfills
    – We contribute to the process $
    -it happens only once a year
    I’d be interested to know what your alternatives are??
    Hope you’re willing to share your proposals

  7. It would be a huge mistake. This helps keep the city clean because most people don’t have the means to get stuff to the dump. Junk will pile up and become a blight in neighborhoods. And “one man’s trash, another man’s treasure”. Let’s not be shortsighted. The city council shouldn’t be able to make this decision without resident’s vote on it.

  8. For fire hazard reasons, which is why the clean up week was started, it is so beneficial. We pay a monthly fee for this service. It has increased a great deal since the beginning but it’s worth it

  9. I have lived here my entire 60yrs of life. The Clean up week is one of the biggest perks of living in this city.There are already more restrictions to it than there ever was. It’s only once a year.and obviously needed for us or you wouldn’t see so many residents participate. Let the residents vote on it. Why should the city council have the right to make that decision. After all.its us residents that pay for it every month with are utilities bill.

  10. I agree! For people who don’t have the means to have their stuff hauled away it helps make it possible to keep junk from piling up. It would be a mistake to discontinue it in my opinion.

    • Another Karen with common sense! There is hope for Karens in Santa Clara!!

  11. This has been a popular topic for ages. I recall when Julio Fuentes was our city mgr. He told several of us that he wanted to get rid of the clean up. Since it is popular with residents will they also want to get rid of the city run electrical supply system?

  12. I think Clean Up week is beneficial for the residents. It should stay!

    However, I don’t think that apartment complexes are entitled to it since their garbage (in some cases) is not picked up by Mission Trails. Maybe someone can correct me if they get billed monthly for clean up week.

    If not, then they should not get the service. It’s amazing how much time the city crews spend in front of these complexes.

  13. Do they not have any friends that live outside the city? Everyone is jealous of the clean up campaign.

    This is another thing Santa Clara does right, and everyone else does wrong (the elected Chief is another example)

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