Homelessness Taskforce Will Meet Tomorrow to Identify How to End Homelessness in Santa Clara

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara’s Homelessness Taskforce will meet for the first time tomorrow, April 28, from 6 to 8 p.m. Their goal is to identify and provide recommendations to end homelessness in Santa Clara.

The public can register for the virtual meeting through this link.

Here’s some info about that Taskforce:

  • Eight members were chosen from a list of over 130 applications to represent the six council districts plus two “at large.”
  • Taskforce members include some individuals who have experienced housing instability and some who have experienced homelessness
  • Five local agencies are affiliated with the Taskforce as advisors
  • The task force will meet virtually once per month for six months  

Homebase, a nonprofit organization, has been hired by the City to facilitate this process and gather public comments by email. Contact information: cityofsantaclara@homebaseccc.org or by phone at (415) 788-7961.

The Taskforce will maintain a website.

Task Force Members

  • Lori Garmany, Council District 1
  • VaNae N. Hamilton, Ph.D, Council District 2
  • Dontae Lartigue, Council District 3
  • Gabriel Valdez, Council District 4
  • Anne McMahon, Council District 5
  • Catherine Pham, Council District 6
  • Michelle Ortega, Community Member At-Large
  • Santiago Arrendondo Jr., Community Member At-Large

The agencies affiliated with the Taskforce are:

  • Abode Services
  • Bill Wilson Center
  • County Office of Supportive Housing
  • Destination: HOME
  • Homefirst


  1. Hi Weej,

    My name is Jeff Houston (Suds treasurer). May we have a transparent conversation and begin by telling each other our real names? I started, now it’s your turn.

  2. Attended this evening’s meeting and am am disappointed. Multiple “Advocacy Groups” represented along with one “citizen” who is the CEO of yet another advocacy group.

    Lots of talk about rights and benefits for the homeless, but nothing about what responsibility they owe the rest of the community.

  3. Bout time SC got on the ball about homelessness.
    My query is who the hell picked wino
    Garmany? This is a joke right?
    She used to go around houses in
    The Northside trick or
    treating with her kids on
    Halloween asking residents for wine to go.
    Hope there’s no drinking and driving at these meetings!!

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