Best and Worst of the Week in Santa Clara: Homelessness Task Force Launched; Goose Cooks Power to Over 1,400 Residents

By Robert Haugh

The Good — The Leg Drop Award:

The City’s homelessness task force launched this week. Their goal is to identify and provide recommendations to end homelessness in the Mission City. Good luck to the task force.

The Bad — The Jabroni Award:

Over 1,400 people lost power when a goose hit a power line. Talk about cooking your own goose! Silicon Valley Power gets an extra leg drop award for quickly restoring power.


  1. Maybe Lori Garmany could use her
    influence with the 49er 5 to get $$$$
    from Jed. Isn’t she part of one of the
    special interest groups? 😂😂😂

  2. This type of task force should be residents without any political advocacy. Very frustrating that Santa Clara voters are being represented by organized groups with many agendas.
    How about what is best for Santa Clara residents and our available funds?

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