Santa Clara University to Host Journey Concert Saturday and Honor the 10 pm Curfew

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara University (SCU) got a Special Permit from the Santa Clara City Council on Tuesday for a Journey concert at Stevens Stadium (formerly named Buck Shaw Stadium) this Saturday, June 4.

SCU will be celebrating its 56th Annual Golden Circle Theater Party. 

A total of 2,794 guests are expected to attend the concert. The permit allows the music from 8:30 to 9:45 p.m.

That means SCU will be honoring the 10 p.m. curfew. 

The proposed outdoor concert is a temporary activity not covered by the Master Use Permit for the campus, according to City staff.  Therefore, is subject to Section 18.60.030(b) of the Zoning Code requiring City Council approval of a Special Permit to allow the proposed concert to occur.

Last November, the 49er Five changed the curfew at the 49ers’ request so Levi’s Stadium concerts can play later.

The curfew that had been in place since the stadium was opened in 2014. It exists to protect Northside neighborhoods. The curfew helps kids and workers who have school and work the next day.

Five concerts at Levi’s Stadium can play until 11 p.m. on weekends now and include fireworks.

We heard a lot of complaints from Northside residents after the curfew was extended and Coldplay played on May 15.


  1. And Chandick lied to hardy about 11 pm weekday curfew on march 10 2021. He lies to his puppers all the time.

    March 10, 2021 @ 6:25 PM (note during council meeting he is texting to Hardy)

    Chandick to Hardy: Kathy is lying. Rose Bowl Stadium in LA has an 11 PM weekday curfew.

    Start asking questions you puppers. Yer led by the nose. You are ruining our city and i am going to let everyone know. Gotta’ love me some PRAs.

    Info thanks to PRA 21-780 of combined screenshot msgs. Released 12/20/21. Merry Christmas!!

  2. 55 decibels is what’s allowed to the nearest housing. I’m sorry but the band should decide how loud they want their music to be, and those that live nearby should have no problem putting up with it for 75 minutes. Or maybe they could walk over and listen.

  3. Doesn’t seem fair they can’t play longer. Should be the same rules for everyone. Journey and Coldplay. And all live music.

    • Yeah, they should be allowed to play until 11 PM with fireworks. That’s what 4 bozo council voted to do for Coldplay. Why should the residents around the stadium be only people to suffer?

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