Santa Clara City Council Review: 49er Five Lift Stadium Weekday Concert Curfew at Team’s Request

By Robert Haugh

The 49ers are having a good week. They beat the Rams on Monday. Last night, the 49er Five also delivered a win for the team.

First, they changed the curfew that has been in place since the stadium was opened in 2014. It exists to protect Northside neighborhoods. The curfew helps kids and workers who have school and work the next day.

Weekdays are limited to 10 pm. But concerts can play until 11 pm on weekends.

It was a good compromise to protect the neighborhoods and allow concerts.

But last night, the 49er Five approved giving the team an additional five weekday concerts a year including pyrotechnics that can go as late as 11 pm. 

If the 49ers want more than those late-night concerts, they have to get Council approval.

This is something that the team has been pushing for since 2017 to make more concert revenue.

But they never had the votes on the Council until this year.  

That’s when Councilmen Anthony Becker, Suds Jain, and Kevin Park joined the Council after getting elected with 49ers CEO Jed York’s $3 million contribution.

Their opponents claimed that they would pay York back. And they were right. I dug out a brochure from the 2020 City Council campaigns:

Section of a 2020 Santa Clara City Council Campaign Brochure

And not to brag, but here’s my column from last February predicting this would happen before the end of the year. (Hat tip to my sources close to the team).

The City staff wanted to create a new curfew pilot program that would include neighborhood protections and eliminate money-losing concerts that hurt Santa Clara taxpayers.

The 49er Five rejected the staff recommendations. 

A motion was made by Mayor Lisa Gillmor and seconded by Councilwoman Kathy Watanabe who represents the Northside.

Gillmor wanted the 49ers to resolve legal issues with the City, prove they haven’t violated labor laws, and pay for security so Santa Clara neighborhoods won’t have reduced police patrols during big events.  

The 49er Five rejected those proposals.


  1. By the way, How do you spell your name ? F— ? You want a real name ? I just gave it to you. How many drinks did you have today ? Let me tell you about measure J. I worked it the whole time. Do you know how Jed York treated us ? He would come into our room where we were working and was so grateful to us. Thanking us for working for the stadium. We he was so kind and friendly—–until he won the election. Then he turned int a mean and money hungry person. He had us all fooled. So do not tell me what I can or can not do. By the way , you have no right to comment about SantaClare. You do not live here, so mind your own business.By the way, how did you manage to get a loan on your house? You are as bad as the 5 idiots that Jed York owns. Keep your nose out of our business !!!!. And yes, my name is really Dorothy Rosa

  2. And whoever is spoofing my name on here please use my real name. It’s F-L-A-C-K. As in:

    noun: flack; plural noun: flacks
    a publicity agent.
    “a public relations flack”
    verb: flack; 3rd person present: flacks; past tense: flacked; past participle: flacked; gerund or present participle: flacking
    publicize or promote (something or someone).
    “a crass ambulance-chaser who flacks himself in TV ads”

    Please use my real name. Thank you!

  3. Guys! Guys! Don’t you know that if you were in favor of the stadium coming to Santa Clara you have waived your right to speak up on any issue surrounding the stadium….EVER!!

  4. It’s not just the noise but the additional nuisance this will create. And 5 events on weeknights? Yeah, sure. No doubt just smoke and mirrors. What else is behind the curtain, Mr. York? Guess the despicable 5 will let us know soon enough.

  5. Great, here comes JB Flake. Becker must of gave him a reach around. No one cares what this tipsy San Jose attorney thinks.

    No racism here.

  6. Hey, hey, hey! Santa Clara is going to be the land of milk and honey now!! Right??
    Who’s checking to see whose pockets the ticket sales are going into now?
    Don’t leave 49ers, er I meant fox guarding the hen house!!
    And whose going to clean up the trash on my street
    and remove the parked cars?

    • Did you vote for a the subsidy from residents to a billionaire NFL owner? If so, why? Please share your real name. Thank you!

  7. Glad there is a lot of pushback on the present Jed received from his bought city council last night. One
    thing I took away from watching is the lack of decorum by councilmember becker towards Mayor Lisa
    and councilmember kathy. also councilmember park why is it necessary to insult the city staff and city
    manager? you display intimidation. maybe you should respect these women and learn something good
    instead of destroying the city you were (unfortunately) elected to serve.

    • Did you vote for a the subsidy from residents to a billionaire NFL owner? If so, why? Please share your real name. Thank you!

  8. shame on those who voted to support change without hearing
    from residents!
    what about the blah, blah, blah, take care of neighborhoods when
    selling this toilet bowl? where is democracy? who do these people
    represent? this is a sham and disgrace.
    and residents are okay with this?
    damn you 49R 5!

  9. Let’s find a place in FairwayGlen for teacher hardy to live and see how she likes getting up after a stadium event that has fireworks blasting until 11 PM and trucks and cars and people pissing on your lawn until 2 AM. teacher hardy thinks its okay to extend curfew because kids start school later?? what about people who work teacher hardy? they don’t count?

    • Did you vote for a the subsidy from residents to a billionaire NFL owner? If so, why? Please share your real name. Thank you!

  10. I’m fine with maximizing use of Levi’s Stadium. We voted for it, so make the most of it. What I have a problem with is how 49ers continually screw the city financially. Essentially their behavior is criminal. Santa Clara should demand a fee for every ticket sold and a minimum for each event regardless of attendance. In addition it would be great if the 49er executives and the 5 council members feel threatened by their constituents. It’s time to stop these people by any means necessary.

  11. I hope every Santa Clara constituent remembers these five faces. Please treat these traitors as they should be treated. They vowed to represent their constituents but instead they’re taking the cash from Jed.

    Please show the 49er 5 how unhappy you are with their decision and make their life as miserable as the people living near the stadium.

    • A majority of Santa Clara residents voted for subsidy to a billionaire NFL owner from resident taxpayers. That’s fact #1. The 49ers can spend residents into the ground. That’s fact #2. Mayor Gillmor and Councilmember Watabane where the prominent supporters for giving a billionaire owner subsidy from resident taxpayers. That’s fact #3. The “five” as you call them, all voted AGAINST the subsidy. That’s fact #4.
      The “five” (all subsidy opponents), are stuck with the “will of the voters” who approved Measure J. That’s fact #5.
      If the foregoing “facts” are in error, please show how. They aren’t.
      Ergo, it’s just damage control for residents. Residents voted for the 49ers to make Santa Clara a Company Town. Santa Clara residents got what they wanted. “Good and Hard,” as H.L Menchen would remind.

    • Why aren’t 49er 5 standing up for the residents if they so hated Measure Jed?
      because they need to payback the shiny object that got them FINALLY elected.
      Chahal/Hardy have sold their SOULS for 2022.
      Don’t listen to this paid 49er lobbyist
      who hasn’t lived in Santa Clara in over 100 years.
      BTW, has anyone seen Jamie Mathews lately?

    • Removing a curfew that was intended to protect neighbors against excessive noise is “damage control for residents”. Try selling that twisted logic to parents of school-age children who want to sleep before 11pm.

    • Did you vote for a the subsidy from residents to a billionaire NFL owner? If so, why? Please share your real name. Thank you!

    • The correct spelling for the last name of your referenced author is “Mencken”.

    • I remember you Byron Fleck. Testifying before Santa Clara City Council, time after time, drunk as a skunk, spewing your hate against the 49ers. UNTIL the Niners arranged for a loan on your new house to get you out of town. Now you are their biggest paid supporter. Stay tuned for more on this loser!

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