49ers Want Curfew Change, Counting on Becker, Jain, Park to Make it Happen Before Next Year

By Robert Haugh

Next week’s Santa Clara Stadium Authority (SCSA) meeting has a routine marketing report from the 49ers stadium management company (ManCo) on the agenda.

ManCo usually doesn’t share much. In previous years, Stadium Authority members seemed like they were pulling teeth to get any decent info from the team.

In fact, the Stadium Authority still doesn’t know how much the City actually makes on concerts. ManCo refuses to share that info even though it’s how they determine how much money Santa Clara is supposed to get. 

49ers executives have been falsely claiming for a couple years now that the curfew has resulted in the decline of revenue to the City.

But the curfew hasn’t changed since the team agreed to it when the stadium first opened. And there were no complaints. 

Around 2017, that changed. According to our sources in the music industry, the 49ers negotiated “revenue-sharing arrangements” with certain music promoters. 

The negotiations were led by 49ers executive Al Guido. That’s when they decided that getting rid of the curfew would be a good thing. And they decided to call the existing curfew a “music ban” to make it look like it was the City’s fault. Guido started calling it a “music ban” publicly.

But wait. There’s an interesting paragraph in ManCo’s marketing report that’s on the SCSA meeting agenda Tuesday.

The Justin Bieber CHANGES Tour, originally scheduled to take place on May 22, 2020, was announced in January 2020. The Santa Clara stop was the tour’s top selling show of the entire tour, on pace to record a six-digit profit for the SCSA. Due to COVID concerns and local health guidelines however, event promoter AEG opted to postpone the event before eventually cancelling all stadium shows and refunding ticket sales in July. Artist management has reengineered the CHANGES Tour into an arena-only show in 2021, removing the possibility of the tour returning to Levi’s Stadium.”

That means the top selling show on the Justin Bieber tour was NOT negatively affected by the existing curfew.  The show was on a Friday, so it could play an hour later than weekdays.

But the team still wants to get rid of the curfew. Here’s another paragraph in the marketing report:

Curfew policy – Approaching potentially jam packed ‘22-’23 tour seasons in which artists and promoters are looking to capture revenue lost in ‘20-’21, flexibility and cooperation is essential to capturing as many profitable events as possible. We will work to review the curfew policies with the City of Santa Clara and associated partners in order to align on an event calendar that is set up to host new, attractive events for the community. While there are several factors and aspects to the city curfew and associated policies, it will be critical to collaboratively develop a flexible event calendar that is attractive to the events and partners our collective community wants to bring to Santa Clara. The results of these efforts will be most clearly manifested in how many events are contracted and executed, along with lost or missed opportunities based on our policies and reputation in the entertainment industry.

We’ve talked to multiple sources, including those close to the 49ers political operation on this issue. They say the 49ers are counting on the candidates they backed with $3 million to vote to change the curfew. That would be Councilmembers Anthony Becker, Suds Jain and Kevin Park.

Becker, Jain and Park have run unsuccessfully multiple times for city elections before the 49ers independent expenditure made them victorious.

We’ll be writing more about this topic this year for sure.

49ers executive Al Guido


  1. If we don’t change the curfew, we should consider not having any Non-NFL events at all. According to the council agenda packet:

    “75% of Non-NFL ticketed events in FY 2019/20 are money-losers, six of the eight events lost money or made zero revenue for the Stadium Authority. This data is consistent with FY 2018/19’s performance, of which 75% of Non-NFL ticketed events were also money-losers. Based on the data from these two fiscal years, it appears that the Stadium Authority will more likely than not lose money when the Stadium is activated for a ticketed Non-NFL event.”

  2. I live in 95051. This has everything to do with our entire city not just the North side. Thanks for the petition, I’ll post in my next door.

    The niners have shown themselves to be poor tenants and have tried to back out of every commitment possible. We can’t let this happen to our City

  3. NO to any relaxation of the stadium curfew. The curfew should be honored as it was what was agreed on the original stadium lease. Neighborhoods around Levis Stadium deserve the peace, tranquility and safety of the neighborhood without relaxing the curfew law.

    • Jason, I like the idea of the petition and thanks. But to be honest there is no way I was going to read all of 561 words. Robert’s article was only 591 words.
      Yes I signed it and shared on my FB page and included three sentences telling people why they should sign it.

  4. Santa Clarans with homes in Zip Code 95054, when this comes before Council/SCSA, please contact Council and please make this clear in no uncertain terms:

    The curfew is what the curfew was, and it’s in the original stadium lease. The San Francisco 49ers owe it to all Santa Clarans to honor what they agreed to in 2010.

    What we see above in nothing more than the usual self-dealing and double-dealing out of the thugs in ManagementCo, It’s the very reason why we need to eject ManagementCo from the operation of the Stadium and to get real professional management in its place.

    Please say NO to any relaxation of the stadium curfew.

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