Santa Clara Petition: Don’t Let the New 49er-backed Councilmembers Change the Stadium Curfew

By Camela Algieri

Levi’s stadium has invaded Santa Clara District 1’s small community and caused disruption to many. Many community members have lived here before the stadium was built and have seen the changes the stadium as brought to our community. Not only has the stadium brought in more traffic, crime, and problems for the community it’s brought in more noise; noise from football games, concerts, helicopters and planes flying low to advertise or report on stadium events.

The stadium has continued to ignore neighborhood complaints and have not worked with us to help with the noise problem! We are a community of workers, families with small children, and public servants. I, myself, am a teacher who is up between 5:30-6:00 AM so I can head to school and get the day ready for my kids. I personally have been affected by the noise the stadium causes, making the following day more difficult for me because I couldn’t sleep soundly.

We need to live in a community where we can sleep at night and not be disturbed by various noise problems. But three new council members: Suds Jain, Kevin Park, and Anthony Becker are on the record saying they want to change the stadium curfew. These three candidates were backed by over 3 million dollars of San Francisco 49er and stadium money. NONE of the council members other than Kathy Watanabe live in our district and understand the impact that the stadium has on our community and lives. If you’ve been watching the council meetings you can see how these new members isolate Watanabe and ignore her recommendations and thoughts about issues surrounding the stadium. Jain, Becker, and Park don’t even LIVE IN OUR COMMUNITY. Why should they get to decide on something that is going to impact our community such a great deal?

If they want to change the stadium curfew they should be held accountable to help make the noise easier to manage. They should replace the windows in all houses within a five-mile radius of the stadium with ones that are more soundproof. Or they should provide new sound insulation in homes to help make our everyday lives quieter when events are going on.

This petition is to let the new council members know that we see them! We see them trying to make huge changes to our community that will affect us and how we live. They need to know that we see them and that we will hold them accountable! This petition will hold them accountable! We need to voice what we want our community to be like and help to support Kathy Watanabe who is the voice for our Santa Clara district. What will Jain, Park, and Becker be able to do or say to support their decision to change the curfew against the community’s wishes? If anything, it will hurt them in re-election in the next few years and hopefully help them not get re-elected and help their communities to see they are controlled by 49er and stadium money!

Please sign and share this petition with your friends and family in district 1, but also throughout all Santa Clara districts so they can see that our communities support one another and stand by each other!


  1. So Suds, if you weren’t for the stadium why are you for music during the weekdays when children have to attend school and people have to work? As you know it takes a couple hours at least to get everybody out of the area. It seems like you’re more into the cash and less about the residents.

    • Suds doesnt understand what is at stake. Maybe if the curfew is expanded to District 5 he would understand. Oh forgot about his conflict of interst. Just Go back and watch what your friends Mahan and Caserta agreed to Suds.

      Better yet. Just move to sunnyvale or palo alto since you think those cities are so progressive. Oh yeah you can’t since you have Jed Ys 3 million debt over your head.

  2. So, let ask the real question to JED YORK? Why have you spend 3M to support these people? Lets see if you have the courage to be honest and up front? I’m sure you are seeing all these post! What are you going to do when this hits the National New Jed? You can’t hide forever…

  3. I would like to remind everyone that Suds Jain and Karen Hardy knocked on doors to oppose the Stadium being built in the first place but Kathy Watanabe, Debi Davis and Lisa Gillmor were huge supporters of bringing the Stadium to Santa Clara,even being featured in ads. One of my objections was noise but I guess memories are short and Kathy is forgiven for her lack of foresight. The other objection was traffic. Why build a $1 billion stadium if you don’t want to have events there?

    • Good point!

      The Mayor and Lone Councilmember are obviously much more trustworthy.

      Everyone knows actions speak louder than words.

      Ba da boom!!

    • .

      We built a $1B stadium with the understanding that it would benefit all Santa Clarans – and that includes our neighbors in Council District 1 who are entitled to the benefits of peaceful and quiet neighborhoods after the curfew hours, Sunday nights through Thursday nights.

      Same as I am next Central Park, same as you are next to the campus.

      Parents in Zip Code 95054 are up early to log on or to travel to the jobs they’ve managed to keep in the Covid-19 pandemic. Their children in SCUSD schools need an evening environment in which they can work on their studies. They are entitled to that as much as those of us in Districts 2 through 6 are.

      Your looking for a way to excuse Jed York and the San Francisco 49ers Stadium Mob from a solemn promise they made: “Vote for our stadium – and saddle the Stadium Authority with $900,000,000 in construction debt while you’re at it – and we’ll agree to the curfew.”

      This is the exact reason we need to get rid of ManagementCo, and to put real management for Levi’s in place.

      Ethical people keep their promises. Think of it as a challenge: This is an opportunity for you and Kevin Park to show that you’re better than Jim Mercurio and Al Guido.

      We can start with the curfew to which all parties agreed eleven years ago.

    • Let me remind you that it was the people that voted for the stadium. You were only one vote if you lived in the city. Don’t blame Kathy for your lack of knowledge on the topic. Until you have a complete understanding of what your new job is as a city Council member you need to be quiet and listen. Just remember what’s fair for one area in Santa Clara needs to be fair for every area in Santa Clara. If the curfew goes up in Santa Clara around the stadium then it should go up around the college as well.

    • So regarding Jed York and the 49ers, Suds, are you therefore arguing “if you can’t beat ‘em, then join them???” Sad.

  4. Robert: This not regarding the 49rs but the City Librarian. The Board of Library trustee are having a Zoom meeting this evening a 6PM and it would be valuable to have someone like you follow the process we are going through. Best regard, Lee Broughman, Board of Library Trustee

  5. To be clear, suds kevin and Anthony
    aren’t only yahoos talking curfew

    Chahal and Hardy flipped to a curfew
    change after campaigning they didn’t
    want change.

    Hardy said over her dead body
    she wouldn’t let it change.

    There are 5 to watch. Not 3.

    • Gordo
      Absolutely, and again that was all part of the plan for the 49ers when they added the two new City Council seats.
      Remember if you can’t win the game, you either change the rules, or change the game.

      This is what the 49ers have, time and money.
      Money and time are unbelievable assets in situations like this. Money and time can wear down most defenses. Money and time make most things look better than they really are. We have to remain vigilant and single minded when dealing with this Company.
      No is No.
      No is No today, tomorrow, next week, next year etc. Let me explain that again, No is No. Any confusion with that statement.

      First two to go have to be Hardy and Chahal. Until then we need to support our Mayor and lone City Councilperson with everything we got.
      Thanks Burt Field

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