Santa Clara Raises Pride Flag and Will Declare June to be Pride Month

By Robert Haugh

Tonight, the Santa Clara City Council will declare June to be Pride Month in the Mission City.

Last Friday, there was a flag raising ceremony at City Hall featuring a lot of elected officials. 

According to a few sources, some excellent remarks were made by Mayor Lisa Gillmor, State Assemblyman Evan Low, State Senator Bob Wieckowski and Police Chief Pat Nikolai.


    • That’s flattering of you to think that Dave, but I’m primarily proud of Jamie during Pride Month as she looks to be a new Congressmember in Oregon.

    • Lee says what he thinks voters want to hear.
      He can’t hold a
      Candle to JMCL-S!
      Go JMCL-S!
      Win for Oregon.
      Win for Washington.
      Win for LGBTQ.

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