49er Five Reject Former City Attorney Brian Doyle’s Request for Kevin Park to Disclose his Income as Required by Law

By Robert Haugh

Former City Attorney Brian Doyle returned to City Hall. He wasn’t wearing a suit and tie, but he was all business.

“There are some serious inconsistencies in official filings by Councilmember Kevin Park that at best indicate an unacceptable level of deceit and at worse perjury,” said Doyle.


Doyle provided official documents that Park signed and claimed he was employed by “TCS” or Tata Consulting Services from 2017 to 2020.

But Park never reported any income from them during those years.

Park was elected in November 2020 when Jed York spent an unprecedented $3 million to help him and candidates Anthony Becker and Suds Jain win their council seats. The three were previously 0-6 in Santa Clara elections without York’s help.

Doyle asked the City Council to agendize the item so Park could explain himself to Mission City residents.  

The request was rejected by the 49er Five and lost 5-2.

Becker made the motion to deny the request and Jain seconded. They joined councilmembers Raj Chahal, Karen Hardy, and Park to vote to deny.

Mayor Lisa Gillmor and Councilmember Kathy Watanabe voted to grant Doyle’s request.

“It’s a matter of transparency and the public has a right to know,” said Gillmor.

“I think this is an opportunity for questions to be answered and clarifications to be made,” said Watanabe.

Becker cited the advice of Interim City Attorney James Sanchez who said that the Council should not agendize the issue while Doyle is suing the City for wrongful termination.

Doyle was fired by the 49er Five in August 2021 without cause. It was done at the 49ers’ request.

But Becker screwed up. He admitted that the issue was discussed earlier in closed session.  Whoops.

Doyle immediately caught it and said that Sanchez violated rules for what can be discussed in closed session since it wasn’t noticed. 

This is likely a developing story.

(Note to Doyle: maybe you should let your attorney know.)

(Note to 49er Five: maybe Becker shouldn’t be making motions.)


  1. In my encounter with Park, he’s a frequent liar. He has told so many lies that he is unable to keep track of them. I feel really sorry for his wife and daughter to have to live with such a monster.

  2. Thank you for these convos.
    Incredibly they are courtesy
    of 49er 5 responses! Ha! Ha!

  3. If last night’s debacle wasn’t enough proof to recall Becker. Here’s more:

    Dom Caserta and Becker texts:

    11/4/20 6:46 am. Dom: Happy for you! Now pls lead effort against gillmor she is truly evil pls lead!

    11/4/20 7:29 am. Becker: yes, I didn’t get endorsed by lots of people because the fear her vengeance. Thank you very much.

    1/7/21 8:47 am. Dom: pls replace Doyle he is incompetent, biased, and an imposter pls…

    Becker: The city has received bad advice from him many times.

    Dom: I agree pls lead on this pls

    4/13/21 10:34 am. Dom: Monday 9 am ok my Councilmember? I will send zoom info to your email

    Becker: Monday 9 is fine

    Looking at Becker’s calendar there is no reference to this mtg. on April 19. Becker met with 49ers same day at 5 pm. Oh what a tangled web we weave. Why so many outside interests putting pressure on Becker? $3M pressure?

    And there’s more of as The 49er World Turns! Thanks PRA 21-780!

  4. Miles Barber was in on the action to get rid of Doyle. Check out this texting with Suds!

    March 23, 2021 10:24 pm

    Miles: How do you tell when Doyle is lying? When his lips move. Proved $3.2 million times!

    Suds: I’ve concluded that he’s just plain dumb

    Miles: Nothing worse than an incompetent liar.

    Hmmm. Becker should take heed. Isn’t Miles his mentor? His loose lying lips are going to sink the City!

    Thank you to PRA 21-718. Oh and there’s more, Baby!!

  5. Brian Doyle has a phenomenal lawsuit against the 49er bozos. What did Karen and Suds have to say about the former CA that they fired for no cause?

    December 20, 2020 – 8:31 pm

    Karen: according to my calculations Brian’s 90 days are up on Feb 2. This ruling today (talking about CVRA appeal) will make it easier to change things for the better. Thoughts?

    8:58 pm. Karen: New calculations are from the seating of the new council not the election so March 2.

    9:59 pm Suds: Yes, yet another reason to make a change. I’ve been counting the 90 days.

    Thanks to PRA 21-753 Release 3. Oh and there’s more….

  6. I don’t quite understand. Shouldn’t all elected officials have to report their incomes? Wasn’t there loud clamoring about Trump’s tax returns? Shady!

  7. So while Becker was blabbering about what the temporary city attorney said why was said temporary attorney allowing Park to be part of discussion? Why wasn’t he asked to recuse himself? And what about Doyle’s rights which we now know were violated thanks to Becker’s whoopsie! $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  8. Boo hoo Becker lost his audition with the 49ers to run for mayor against Lisa.


  9. We wanted transparency, right? Well we now have transparent corruption. Somehow this transparency doesn’t make me feel better about what Jed has done to our city.

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