Here’s the Link to Santa Clara’s Survey on Housing and Development that Few Residents Know About

By Howard Myers

The city is conducting a survey on housing and development in Santa Clara. But it seems few people know about it.

A Santa Claran found the survey buried in the City website and had to ask a staff member to get a link that could be shared.

Here’s the link:

We’ve shared it with our neighborhood email list. But how many Santa Clara residents know about it? Will the City get opinions from a limited pool of residents?

Here’s your chance to speak up and be counted.

The effort ends June 17, so if you want your opinion to be heard, log in and take the survey.

It does not take long but we all deserve to be heard.

Here’s a brief description of the effort:

City of Santa Clara Housing Element Update 2023-2031

The City of Santa Clara is currently updating the City’s Housing Element, a set of goals and policies that guide long-term decision-making related to the development and maintenance of housing in the City of Santa Clara. State Law requires Santa Clara’s General Plan Housing Element to accommodate the potential development of 11,632 housing units at various income levels over the next 8 years. Public input is a critical part of the Housing Element update process; your responses are important and will help the City set priorities for housing. Thank you for your participation in shaping the future of Santa Clara!


  1. A correction: Linda let me know she found it on the city FakeBook page but can not find it on the city web pages. Also the link could not be forwarded. She asked Suds, our ‘council member’ and the request was forwarded to city staff. She received a link that could be forwarded. You have until June 17 to be heard. Thanks, Linda.

  2. Add 11k of housing units? what water are they going to use? I thought we were only supposed to flush once a week now?

    And we better add cops – now! I haven’t heard any discussion on that part of our rabid City expansion.

    • Thomas, maybe 10k of the 11k is for the homeless. Then we won’t need water or cops, right? Urban planning the green way.

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