BREAKING: Cedar Fair Sells Santa Clara’s Great America Property, Will Close Park Within 11 years

By Robert Haugh

Cedar Fair, the company that owns and operates Great America sold the land and will close the park within 11 years.

The new land owner is Prologis Inc., a San Francisco-based logistics real estate company. The purchase price was $310 million.

Cedar Fair will lease the land back from Prologis and will continue to operate the park. At the end of the 11-year lease, Cedar Fair said it would close the park. 

Cedar Fair bought Great America in 2019 from the City after the State dissolved redevelopment agencies and Santa Clara was forced to sell its assets to pay off redevelopment debt. They paid $150 million.

Great America was originally opened in 1976. Cedar Fair and prior park owners had leased the land from the city for more than 40 years.

“On the surface, it appears California’s Great America will not change in the short term,” said Mayor Lisa Gillmor in a statement. “My hope and goal is to keep California’s Great America there as long as possible in the long term.”

Once Great America closes, the nearest amusement parks will be Six Flags Discovery Kingdom in Vallejo and Cedar Fair’s Gilroy Gardens Family Theme Park.


  1. That’s what we need is less things to do and more development. Who’s steering this ship?

  2. Whhhaatttssssuuuppppp Santa Clara?
    This is disturbing news. It doesn’t
    pass the sniff test. What company
    in their right mind would sell that

    On another note aren’t
    Cedar Fair HQ and York Mafia
    Family based in Ohio?

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