KTVU Features Santa Clara on Mornings on 2 Zip Trips: Highlights Central Park and Stan’s Donuts

By Robert Haugh

KTVU took viewers on a tour of the Center of What’s Possible last Friday when their Zip Trips feature visited Santa Clara.

The TV show included a live broadcast from the Central Park Pavilion.

You can watch the segment here

Mayor Lisa Gillmor told the Bay Area how Santa Clara is working on revitalizing Downtown, as well as building an uptown on the Northside.

A trivia segment included a tidbit that both Governors Gavin Newsom and Jerry Brown graduated from Santa Clara University.

Among the attractions highlighted included Great America, Levi’s Stadium 49ers Museum, Santa Clara Aquamaids and the River of Life Church Foundation.

Sal Castaneda highlighted popular local eateries Stan’s Donuts, 99 Chicken, Lupita’s Taqueria, Bloom Eatery and Barebottle Brewing.

The Santa Clara Bookmobile was also featured.

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