SF Chronicle Columnist Mike Silver Calls Anthony Becker a Bully and “Jed’s Lapdog”

By Robert Haugh

San Francisco Chronicle Columnist Mike Silver wrote a column about 49ers CEO Jed York attacking Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross with his local campaign ads and mailers. And Silver does not make York look good. (Ross is the owner of The Related Companies and developing a large mixed-use project on the golf course across from Levi’s Stadium).

Many local residents, and even some of York’s fellow NFL owners, are far less supportive of those actions. They have every right to be upset.

If we’re honest with ourselves, it’s conduct unbecoming of a person in his position — and it’s all starting to feel a little gross.

Ouch.  Silver concludes his column with stronger words about York.

This is the CEO of the 49ers using his position and fortune to try to get what he wants, by any means necessary. It’s a mentality that translates better to the football field than it does to the ballot box in a local election, and it’s besmirching both York and the storied franchise he represents.

Even if York believes this behavior is justified, it’s making him look terrible. And the worst part is, I have a sneaking suspicion he doesn’t care.

Double and triple ouch.

As bad as Silver makes York look, he makes Santa Clara City Councilmember Anthony Becker look worse.

Once again, York is throwing money at the problem, with the 49ers having contributed $3.1 million toward “independent expenditure committees” supporting three candidates in the upcoming election — including the person running against Gillmor, a bully named Anthony Becker who might as well campaign in a 49ers jersey with “JED’S LAPDOG” stitched on the back.

Quadruple ouch.

It all looks super shady, and totally crass. I don’t know much about Becker’s politics — or Gillmor’s, for that matter — but his temperament, based on these reports, should be disqualifying.

Quintuple ouch.

Silver is a highly respected national sports columnist and has been nominated for a few Emmys. Now, he has the distinction of getting Santa Clara News Online’s first “quintuple ouch.”

You can read his entire column, but it may be behind a paywall depending on the number of times you’ve read the Chronicle this month.


  1. Observation: I sometimes lump jedyork and the niners with the nfl. Perhaps I wil l do that more if the nfl wants to separate themselves from jedyork. Isn’t it hard to be an nfl owner? Don’t they have to be an upright citizen? (okay, that may be hard to swallow, but I believe they claim it.) Maybe jedyork should be forced to sell.

    • House Committee on Govt Operations and Oversight looking at Washington Commanders, WHY NOT 49ERS??? RO KHANNA IS A MEMBER

    • Becker and Jain
      They slither and stammer, eh waver not
      In their loyalty
      To a York Dollar
      Their souls withdrawn
      They contemplate at Chandhok’s direction
      Their heads smoke when Gillmor approaches
      Not devils but stammering zephyrs of bad faith

  2. I have been following the insider NFL blogs closely regarding the 49ers. To say the rest of most of the owners are not happy with Jed York and his interference in local elections is an understatement.

    The NFL owners realize how Jed York has already interfered and changed the trajectory and outcome of the Santa Clara elections through his bogus special interest groups. They do not want to be stained by association to the 49ers, which is why some owners are starting to speak out against York’s action, which is really something considering the group of NFL owners are very tight lipped, normally.

  3. So it’s okay to call Becker a dog, but not okay for Park to mention that people act like dogs. The hypocrisy is never-ending on this blog.

    • No one is calling Becker a dog. He’s a lapdog. Big difference:

      Lapdog: a weak person who is controlled by someone else.

      However, Park did compare the former City Manager a dog.

    • Making a big deal out of Park using a dog analogy with Santana was silly because we know that Park did not mean to call Santana a dog.

      Making a big deal out of Haugh calling York a lapdog is silly because we all know its true.

    • Umm, it wasn’t this blog it was a national sports reporter that looked at the unfolding events with an independent eye.

    • Well we have Suds Jain ridiculing disabled people and working with Mortgage Fraud Caserta, Fleck accusing staff in 1995 of taking bribea, Park asking 49ers for money to pay bills.

    • Stop the Name-Calling,
      Park also called the former city manager a dog. The MEXICAN former city manager a dog, referenced and co-opted RACIST JIM CROW RHETORIC. To reiterate, Park utilized Jim Crow rhetoric and was not condemned by Becker and the rest of the 49er five, so it seems Becker would not have a problem with it.

  4. Latest

    Becker and the 49er precinct walker are claiming Lisa bribed Presiding Judge Thomas Zayner to appoint her friends to Civil Grand Jury. That is verified by a law firm worker. News to Suds who reads this blog, SUCH A COMMENT IS CONSIDERED CIVIL CONTEMPT. Chandhok is already under review by State Bar for that.
    Bad idea guys

    • So if this is accurate about becker and the canvasser – people need to step up and report it to the DA or grand jury. Forms are on the DA and grand jury websites and can be submitted anonymously.

      I am hearing voters in D3 are being asked to sign a pledge card to vote for karen hardy? Same thing. Report, report, report….

  5. Oh wow…
    Question, who is being compared to being Jed York’s “Lap Dog”? I’m sorry I just had a serious LOL moment. Did not see that one coming.
    Not much more I can say after that.
    For fun, look up the common meaning of being referred to as a “Lap Dog”.
    Clue… it is not a compliment.
    Burt Field

  6. Becker is a pawn to Jed and Patty. After he loses the run for mayor for a third time, nobody will touch him. He’s damaged goods. His background and personality have nothing to offer any of the major players.

    Back to being a filmmaker, or a bus driver, or just plain old Homer Simpson.

    • This is Becker’s second attempt at becoming mayor and not third is it not? Ran for mayor in 2018 then council in 2020 and now mayor again in 2022.

  7. We all know Bicker should withdraw from the Mayoral race, let alone resign from the Council. But he won’t as he is driven by his obsessive will to power.

    The people promoting and endorsing him should be absolutely ashamed. They should also read The Emperor’s New Clothes for the parallels to their Bicker support.

    SJMN: Bicker is “not an ideal candidate.” I can only imagine the level of cognitive dissonance it took to pen that endorsement. It’s pretty sad that it takes sports reporters like Mike Silver to come out and state the obvious.

    *Posting anonymously out of fear of retaliation by this vindictive voting bloc*

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