Happy Anniversary Santa Clara News Online

By Robert Haugh

Santa Clara News Online (SCNO) has now reached six years.

Over that time, SCNO published over 1,500 articles and 7,000 comments – with over one million visitors. Wow.

Here’s a few highlights from over the years:

Most-Popular/Most-Read Stories by Viewers (by order of total views)

Santa Clara’s Most Famous Person Is

Council Terminates 49ers’ Contract

La Paloma Closes

Jed York Wrote a Big Check – Opinion

Police Chief Calls for DA Investigation of Grand Jury Findings

Santa Clara Police Unaware of Stadium Operational Tour

My Favorite Feature Stories

Return of the Parade of Champions

Q&A With Children’s Health Council Chief

Stan’s Donuts Still Open Despite Mercury News Report

More Than BBQs, Parades and a Day Off

Achilles Restaurant Ranked 9th in Nation

Former Miss Santa Clara Stars in Grease

Toxic Avenger Tantalizes Audiences

The Making of an Artist?

Fending Off Online Trolls

My Favorite Sports Stories

Wilcox Chargers Make State Championship

Santa Clara Teen Remi Fusilero Wins National Gymnastics Title

SCU Women Win National Championship

Lady Bruins Cinderella Basketball Season Continues

My Favorite Stories on Local Government

Councilmember Acts Like Bad Mall Santa

Exline Loses Frivolous Lawsuit

49ers Consultant Wrote Asian Law Alliance Letter

The Miz and Kevin Park

Mahan and Kolstad Waste Lots of Time

Santa Clara Settles Lawsuit With San Jose; Wins Big

Blue Suede Shoes

49ers and Levi’s Stadium Coverage

City Hall Receives More Abusive Communication for 49ers Exec

Stadium Auditor Finds Major Discrepancies

49ers Send City $4.4 Million Bill for VIP Buffets

49ers Perfect On-Field; Far From Perfect Off-Field

Special Report — Stadium Concert Revenue Revealed

Santa Clara Wins Big Legal Decision Over 49ers

I’m grateful for the support over the years and am excited for the next six years, and more. 

Please continue to share SCNO with neighbors. 

Unlike many local media outlets, I’m not motivated by money. I don’t get paid and I don’t have advertising.

My motivation is personal and professional. 

I started this site in 2016 because many community members said they can’t rely on other news sources.  The Mercury News doesn’t really understand the Mission City and they never have. 

So, that’s why I write and keep this site going. Thank you to the Mission City for all your support Over the last six years. Here’s to another six years and millions more viewers.


  1. Robert,
    You are doing an invaluable service for the citizens of SC by providing news that is NOT fiction.

    Although no longer a resident, I’m deeply saddened by the takeover of the City Council by the 49ers. The 49ers spent $2.9 Million to elect Council members who have NO integrity and flagrantly ignore the interests of the citizens of the city. Sad also, that SC citizens fell for a phony “diversity” campaign and elected this Council. As a result, Santa Clara News Online is the only local source of real news of the 49er situation.

  2. Congratulations Robert – I don’t know what the Santa Clara citizens would do without you these last couple of years…you have shown truth and transparency to an otherwise sad and cloudy time. Thanks again.

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