Following the Money—49ers Spending Now Hits $3.5 Million; Dwarfing Opposition

By Robert Haugh

The 49ers really want control of the entire Santa Clara City Council, not just the five votes they own now.

As of October 14, Jed York has spent $3.5 million to try to get Anthony Becker elected Mayor, as well as to reelect Karen Hardy and Raj Chahal. Wow.

The 49ers money flows into committees supporting Becker, Chahal and Hardy. 

They are also spending against Mayor Lisa Gillmor and candidates Christian Pellechia and Larry McColloch.

The Public Trust Review show, featuring Santa Clara businessman Kirk Vartan and ethicist Dr. Tom Shanks featured the campaign spending on their Episode 10 last Friday.

On the other side of things, Related Companies and other independent expenditures have spent about $258,000 supporting Gillmor, McColloch and Pellecchia.

The 49ers have spent over 13 times the other organizations. Double and triple wow.

And there’s still 15 days until Election Day.


  1. A Becker door-to-door zombie just interrupted an important business call spouting bumper sticker talking points. Sheesh.

    WARNING: If the Santa Clara Weekly delivers “paper copies” like it did last election…. you will know where they got the $$$ to do it!

  2. I still maintain that jed york’s sleazy behavior is near, if not, criminal and as an team owner reflects poorly on the NFL. He is acting like a crime boss with his lapdogs doing his bidding on the council. I would like to see the NFL pressure him to straighten up.

    • York has decided to use the nuclear option for campaign cash. 49ers are using money other teams use for hospitals and community efforts. York Putinized Santa Clara elections

    • Just released texts between Becker and Jain reveal they were the ones who began the smear campaign on Haggag in early January. Which was proven untrue. Anyone interested??,

  3. I have spent some time over the last few days being educated on the impact of Bad Ethics in local elections. This is on a new Youtube channel that I first heard about right here from Mr. Haugh.
    Mr. Kirk Vartan and Dr. Tom Shanks have put together some great talks. Agree, disagree, the facts are presented from a balanced perspective.
    If you are Pro Local Business (49ers) owning a City, you may not like what you hear. If you want to save your City for the local residents, you may become even more interested in the local stuff going on. I know I did.
    On top of everything Kirk Vartan and Dr. Shanks brought to my attention, with this much money being poured into our elections on a regular basis, lots of good people will not even think of running for office.
    There is really only one way right now to fight this type of “Election Bully”, and it is to vote for whomever they are not supporting.
    Maybe somebody somewhere can fix this with some sort of Anti Bully campaign, but if we wait, we are toast. We will need to wear Red and Gold where ever we go.
    We will be Youngstown West, or dare I say, “Yorkville”. Makes me sick to even say it.
    So Santa Clara Vote…
    Vote what is best for our City….
    Not for some poorly run local company.
    Here is the link to help educate you as well.

    You can also find this on our own Website or our new Facebook Page that goes by the same name.
    Hope this all helps.

    Burt Field

  4. Raj Chahal – Unbelievably disappointed in you. All your ethics and moral principles you held for decades in business and on Planning Commission are suddenly out the window – just so you can win a sad local election. You’re so much better than this, but you refuse to distance yourself from this swamp and it’s swamp monsters.

    • Challange to Readers

      Come up with what community programs could be done for 3.5 million dollars

      Laptops for kids
      Books for teachers
      Food for seniors

      What they could have spent it on?

  5. An original city aim for this stadium to be built in Santa Clara was to give our city greater exposure I recall. The 49er’s ongoing purchasing of our local representatives definitely puts Santa Clara on the map, but not in the positive light originally envisioned.

    • Aug 29
      Park jain becker meet with 49ers discuss settlrment
      Aug 30 vote on amt
      Sept 1 commitees set

      All planned

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