Santa Clara Candidates’ Spending — A Look at Interesting Contributions and Expenses

By Robert Haugh

The 49ers are dwarfing everyone in Santa Clara’s campaign spending. But Individual candidate financial reports reveal a few interesting things. Here are a few:

  • Mayor Lisa Gillmor has raised about $22,000, the most of all candidates. The supermajority or her donors are Santa Clarans.
  • All of Gillmor’s food expenses for her campaign kickoff party were small, local restaurants such as Crepes Bistro, Jasmine Thai and A Slice of New York.
  • Both Gillmor and Karen Hardy received $300 contributions from Build Jobs PAC.
  • Anthony Becker reports a donation from Union representative Gary Ferraris who he recently voted on to increase Union pay and benefits for.
  • Becker received a contribution from Santa Clara Weekly/Silicon Valley Voice Publisher and former Lobbyist Miles Barber.
  • Becker received large contributions from two past litigants against the City, Wes Mukoyoma and LaDonna Yumori-Kaku.
  • Becker received a $500 donation from Mario Bouza, who Becker moved to appoint to the Planning Commission after removing Dr. Ron Patrick.
  • Hardy also received a donation from Barber. 
  • Hardy spent money on photography services by Larry Sacks, a longtime SCW/SVV employee.
  • Both Becker and Hardy received maximum contributions from San Jose lawyer J. Byron Fleck, who is a personal attorney for Suds Jain and who lobbied to dismiss Brian Doyle.
  • Raj Chahal spent over $300 in food from a Mountain Mike’s Pizza in Campbell — even though there’s one in the Mission City.
  • Christian Pellecchia received the majority of donations from co-workers at Slatter Construction.
  • Larry McColloch reports the fewest contributions at only $2,500, which includes a $2,000 loan to his campaign.


  1. Tsk! Tsk! Gary Farreiras. Didn’t you glow and sparkle after being given a wonderful opportunity to better yourself thanks to Deanna Santana but then you go to the dark side and attack the city manager. Wow. What else did Becker promise you? Are you sure he is good for it?

    “Anthony Becker reports a donation from Union representative Gary Ferraris who he recently voted on to increase Union pay and benefits for.”

    Tsk tsk Gary!

  2. $500 donation from Mario Bouza – Interesting to see that seats on SC Planning Commission are still cheap to buy. In SJ it’s x10 that just for a seat on the HPC.

  3. Thanks for the info. I have to at least give BJ credit for putting his money where his mouth is, even if he is no longer a SC resident. I guess it wouldn’t make sense to give Suds’ money back to him, right? Could be why he contributed to becker and hardy but not suds. Or does he really not support suds?

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